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About me:

Since the age of 13, voluntary work at local youth centres, teaching children of various age groups and abilities has developed my teaching skills vastly. Doing this for a few years provided me with knowledge in demanding authority and taking control of large groups, to ensure sessions are controlled appropriately and children are safe under my supervision. University placements further enhanced my teaching attributes through experiences working with children of primary school age, children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and adults learning English as an Additional Language (EAL). This taught me the importance of inclusive education for all, and provided me with expertise on teaching English to individuals of various ages and abilities. As a result, Trinity College London provided me with an official certificate to teach English as an additional language to foreign learners. Having involvement in different sectors of teaching has offered me a wider skillset which can be integrated to deliver outstanding education to learners of all ages and learners with SEND. I am looking to enhance my personal and professional development by working abroad as an educator.      


BA in Education Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield                                                                               


Second Class Honours (1st Division) in the degree of Bachelor of Arts having followed an approved Honours programme in Education Studies


Diploma/Subsidiary Diploma, Gateway College, Leicester                                                                                      


Public Services – Distinction*/Distinction

Law – Distinction*


GCSEs, Soar Valley College, Leicester                                                                                                                              


7 GCSEs A* to C, including English & Maths 


3rd Year TESOL Placement, Online due to Covid-19                                                                                                      

Oct 2020 – Jan 2021 

  • Planned and conducted online lessons for groups of ‘English as an additional language’ (EAL) learners from various countries and of different ages
  • Created lesson plans for a variety of groups working at different levels  
  • Ensured lessons were suitable for groups working at different levels, and planned all lessons based on different topics to include the interests of all learners    
  • Made the online lessons interactive with the use of group and pair work to help learners feel comfortable and confident   


2nd Year TESOL Placement, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield                                                                            

Jan 2020 – April 2020 

  • Planned face-to-face lessons for and tutored a Sheffield Hallam University foreign student who had some experience with learning English
  • Created lesson plans weekly covering various topics such as English speaking, writing, reading and listening to support the student in enhancing their overall English skills   
  • Aided the student to extend their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills in English language and literature within a short period of time
  • Introduced the importance of phonetics to develop the student’s English pronunciation


2nd Year University Placement, Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, Sheffield                                                    

Jan 2020 – Mar 2020 

  • Assisted a teacher in a Year 6 class by supporting students’ learning 
  • Built rapport with students to ensure that they are comfortable, which led to students asking me for help and guidance through their work 
  • Followed strict guidelines, requirements, and protocols to ensure the safety of students
  • Used initiative within the classroom to ensure students learn as effectively as possible


1st Year University Placement, Talbot Specialist School, Sheffield                                                                               

Jan 2019 – Mar 2019 

  • Supported a qualified teacher in delivering classes and spent time under their mentorship learning about the basics of working within an special educational needs school and their approach and mind set on tackling complex day to day issues 
  • Observed and participated in the daily running of the school, using the experience to learn key differences between special and mainstream schools
  • Delivered 1-to-1 support to students with a variety of special needs whilst adhering to strict guidelines, requirements and protocols
  • Used initiative during situations whilst regarding the safety of the students due to unpredictability of student behaviour


Volunteer, HSS Children’s Youth Centre, Leicester                                                                                                        

 Nov 2012 – Sep 2014 

  • Led a 2-hour session once a week ranging in various physical activities and sports for a group of 15-20 young children
  • Responsible for planning and conducting each session to ensure inclusion of all those attending, monitoring their safety and providing clear instructions with authority
  • Gained various personal skills such as organisation and communication by leading these sessions  
  • Developed my leadership skills from a young age by leading a large group in the correct manner, allowing me to be more confident in tasks that require some form of leadership

What kind of projects is Akshay Patel looking for?

I am looking for an English as an Additional Language teaching role in an abroad country to enhance my teaching skills and widen my experiences.

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