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Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth District, Norfolk

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About me:

Hi my name is Ann, I live near a Beautiful  beach in Norfolk,  wwhich is great because  i love  being out doors,  i have five lovely  grown up children,  and to beautiful  ggrandchildren. Family  and friends  mwan everything  to me.

Which is why I work self-employed , this gives me a good  work,and family  llife  bbalance. 

I have  been working  with in  the Nhs, and in the Community,  has a Housekeeper sense  2004 . In 2013 I worked in the Community  as a live-in  Housekeeper/care . Sense then I have worked  in a Hotel,  and also , as a Housekeeper  for a private  family  in Bungay  Norfolk  live-in. 

One of the most  eexciting  tthings I have ever  done, was this year for the Summer  i working  as a Housekeeper  on a glanping site in Kings Lynn Norfolk PE32.  which was amazing,  i fone so well , i was teaching  all new members,  which was great  fun. 

So that's why I choose  self  employed work because  i love meeting  nEwan people.  



I Have level two health  andsafety  in the work place, 

I have also level two certificate  on Corounavirus  

Also a pre professional  ccertificates  year one and two in person  centred counselling skills  also a course on  CBT 


I have many more certificates.  


Working  in the NHS sense 2004  as a HCA and also as a Housekeeper  2005 until  2013.Then working  in the Community as a live-in  House keeper until  2019. Then Housekeeper in a Hotel  close to home, and , a Housekeeper  in a private  House, in Norfolk for a couple  of weeks which was lovely. 

But the most exciting  thigh I have done in a long  time was this summer  as a Housekeeper  on a glanping site in Kings Lynn.  They loved my work so much I became a trainer  for all new  housekeeping  staff.  

So as you can see I have lots of experience in all areas. This allowed  me to grow  as a person,  and gain so many  skills in all areas,  wworking as part of a team,  bUtah also to be able  to work alone.  I am a person centerd  cousellor level 4. Which  is great because  this makes  me a good  llistener,  and able to show empathy when need. I have a lovely  card from staff from the campsite that shows this .


What kind of projects is Ann Penfold looking for?

I am seeking  Short  term contracts as a live-in Housekeeper  NNorfolk, Suffolk  area first choice,  a'll considered .

I also have a new 10year  ppassport  

And have had both  Covid Vaccination s

So am happy  to travel  for Short Housekeepering  assessment .

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