Avudaithangam Murugesan A

Avudaithangam Murugesan

Ilford, Redbridge, Greater London

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I am a motivated professional with decision-making proficiency and extensive Expert DevOps Engineer experience. Recently, I learned of the opening for the DevOps Engineer role and I was compelled to contact you with my interest. I believe that my professional background and industrialist drive make me an ideal candidate for this opportunity.
As a person who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, I strive for positive results through the application of my abilities in DevOps. Additionally, I possess an aptitude for optimizing performance and motivating colleagues. In any position, I am able to visualize success and identify innovative and effective strategies for achieving it.

I have artfully balanced workplace objectives and productive relationships, inspiring strategies and insightful suggestions to achieve a competitive business edge. My critical thinking and innovation strengths have enabled my professional growth.




Containerization (Docker | Docker-Compose | Kubernetes | Helm Charts)
CI/CD (Bamboo | GitLab | Azure DevOps | TeamCity | Jenkins| R2Build |
GitHub Actions)
Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, and PowerBI
Security tools (Burp Suite, Checkmarx, Apiiro)
Monitoring (Prometheus | Alert Manager | Grafana | Loki | InfluxDB)
Build (ANT | Maven | Gradle)
Infrastructure (AWS | Azure | VMware Realize | VMware vSphere)
Provisioning (Vagrant | Terraform | Packer | Azure ARM)
Source Code Management (SVN | Perforce | GIT)
Configuration Management (Ansible | Chef)
Installer Development (InstallAnywhere | Installshield | ISMP | WIX | Install4j |
Advanced Installer | Chocolatey | Solaris Image Packaging System | RPM)
Scripting (Bash | PowerShell | Batch | Python)
Code Coverage/Code Analysis (Sonar | WhiteSource | Jacoco)
High Availability, Load Balancing, Clustering and DB Replication (PostgresDB)
Application Servers (Tomcat | JBoss | WebLogic | WebSphere)
IDE (NetBeans | Eclipse | Intellij | Visual Studio) & Development (Java |
jquery | GWT | Extjs)

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