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Carl Mattin

Woking, Woking District, Surrey

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About me:

I am a resourceful person who enjoys challenges and learning new skills. I was a software developer for 12 years before moving into management for the last 5 years. 


Degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (BSc/hons) from the University of Essex (2003)


During my time as a software developer, I worked in a mix of software house and inhouse development environments for small and large companies. I gained a good idea about what makes a good manager and I have taken that forward into my thinking as a manager now.

During my time as a manager, I have managed a small team of infrastructure engineers across the UK responsible for 3 large and ~50 small offices and a large international team of ~20 developers/QA.

For the large team of developers I helped manage a migration to SAFe Agile and recruited almost 20 developers and qa into my own/other teams.

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