Claudiu Ciolacu

Risley, Birchwood, Warrington

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About me:

My name is Ciolacu Claudiu. I am from Romania where I lived with my parents until 2015, the year in which I left my country and went to England. As a person I am open-minded, good in communication and expression, understanding and I respect people’s ideas and interests. I always look for ways to improve in order to become the best version of myself. Well organized, following a good plan and small steps everyday in order to achieve my goals. 


I went to the Technical College Pontica school from Romania back in 2011 and I have studied a lot of disciplines like Tehnical Drawing , Civic Education, Geography, and more others but I was focused on Informatics, Tourism and History which I liked the most spending most of my time on them. 


In 2015 I employed as a warehouseman at Hermes in Warrington where I have been working until 2016 when I left the England.

After my coming back at the end of the 2018 I started to work at Amazon where I have worked until now.

It has been a good experience working at Amazon and it still is, I have great workmates, leaders and managers to whom I talked different subjects and ideas, I learned new things from them, I gained respect through my efforts at work and I was consistently praised.

I am currently working as a warehouseman at Amazon company in Warrington and my responsibilities are the following: counting items in the bins of the pods, induct items in the trace, being aware of the safety and quality tips given by my leaders and managers in order to operate safely and also to be more productive, communicate with my workmates if it is something that requires teamwork and much more. 

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