Dominic Parker

Dominic Parker

Leverton, Boston District, Lincolnshire

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About me:

I am a young country Lad who likes to get his hands dirty because of my Disability as a writer And Reading this has drawn me back a long way but this hasn't stopped me At all to follow my dreams and improve myself in every way How much different for everyone else I'm just got out of my hands and Problem-solving brain.


Problem-solving, creatively artistic, dexterous



Boston College, Boston  -Sep 2019 - June 2021

Art/Design 3 Merit

Lincoln College, Lincoln - Sep 2017 -June 2019

2019 Art/design level 3 pass

2018 Art/design level 3 pass

GCSE maths

2019grade 3

2018 grade 2

GCSE English

2019 grade 2

2018 grade 3


West Notts College, Nottingham   - Sep 2016 - June 2017

Art/Design 2 level merit

GSCE English

2017 English grade 3

GSCE Maths

2017 Maths grade 3

Dawn Hosue school, Mansflish  - Sep 2010- June 2017

maths functional Entry 3

English functional Entry 3



Valentine Arabians 

Liz Downes

July 2021-Oct

8:30 into 1 p.m.

Horse groomers clean out the stables giving them food by step by step routine set by the owners every day. They had been there for about 3 months with many traits in techniques.

Wendy stables

8:00 into 1p.m.

April 2021-July

I've been there for months just learning the basics and it gives me the confidence to work out horses and learn more.

Christmas sales,  Lincoln college

Dec 2018 - Dec 2018

  • We had a shop open for Christmas markets It's lasted for 3 days it was for work experience for the art and design 3 at Lincoln College.

cardboard, Linney at Linney, Mansfield

July 2017 - July 2017

  • It's was a work experience for 30 hours for my course at West Nottingham College art and design level 2.

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