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My name is Elizaveta.

I’m 37 y.o, I’m writing to you with regard to the services that i offer as a weekend / Housekeeper/Babysitter/Nanny/Cook.

I’ve been working in a private household and i must say that this is what i mostly love doing!!! I been working for two lovely families and been with them for 5, 4 years. The families were very nice and I loved working for them, but it’s a shame that circumstances changed and i have to move on…

I’ve got the right experience and could provide excellent References from my employers.  I been working for a very nice families. I’ve been doing cleaning, cooking, nanny, babysitting. The employment ended because, i got pregnant. I am ready to commit to the right family to several years. I am extremely excited about starting a new job. I am not just looking to get employed for the sake of it, I really hope to meet a nice family with great values, which is in need of a caring and trustworthy Nanny, to look after their family, place and animals if any! I am ready for a new challenge.

I would describe myself as being very hard-working, flexible about my job, positive, kind, easy going, warm, enthusiastic, energetic, honest, reliable, proactive yet flexible (e.

g.  able to take initiative but also follow parents lead) and discreet and  enjoy working with young children.

  I always take pride in what i do, i’ve got very high standards, generally willing to improve and learn more. If you are looking for someone really caring, responsible, happy, with a lot of energy, initiative and “can-do attitude” then please get back to me!

I would always try to do my best; always look after your family (including children), house and pets with enthusiasm and a lot of passion! I have been told by my employer that i am conscientious .I am non-smoker; I speak fluent 3 languages Russian, Romanian, English. I drive (holding a full UK clean driving license, Got British Citizenship,  Recent DBS and First Aid, I totally adore children, babysitting/ big boys/girls sitting i love to interact with children (of any age)!!!

If you find my CV, References, and Cover letter of any interest, please, don’t hesitate to get back to me with any other enquiries.


Thanks for looking!


 Yours sincerely,








                    State Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages; Moldova


Dates attended: August, 2000 - July, 2005

Graduated in July, 2005

Courses taken: Informatics Technology and English Language


Secondary School;


                      School ''Vasile Lapusneanu’’; Moldova


Dates attended: August, 1998-July, 2000

Courses taken: General


High School:


                 Medium School ''Chistelnita'' Moldova


Dates attended: August, 1990-June, 1998

Courses taken: General


 Age: 37 y.o.

 Status: Married

 Nationality: Moldovan/British






Responsible for the care, wellbeing and development of the child

Cleaning and making sure the child’s nursey is clean

Very strong hygiene standards

Ensuring the kids has a healthy and varied daily routine

Organising age appropriate activities and playdates

Encouraging excellent manners and behaviour

Acting as a positive role model

Monitoring the kids and assessing their needs

Keeping kids bedroom tidy and ensuring they have clean clothes

Keeping the children’s bedrooms organised

Escorting the children on trips and outings

Planning and leading educational activities and assisting with homework as necessary

Packing/unpacking the children’s bags for school, extracurricular activities

All nursery duties
Potty training
Responsible for the care and wellbeing of the children
Assisting with the development of the children
Entertaining whilst educating the children
Taking the children to and from extra-curricular activities
Supervising and helping with homework
Preparing healthy meals for the children
Organising fun and educational activities for the children
Liaising with parents on their progress
Keeping the children happy and motivated at all times
Evoking confidence in the children
Ensuring children are safe and healthy at all times
Helping the children establish a routine

Giving them breakfast

Getting them in the car and ready to go

Reading them story

Implementing a bath and bed routine

Helping with the lessons

Putting their clothes on and off

Playing lots of different games

Keeping always on eye


Nursery and School runs

Taking them out, Cinema, Parks, Shopping,

Empty the dishwashers

Making the beds

Changing sheets when needed

Putting things away in the correct place

General tidying 

Tidy up all the surfaces

Fold the towels, clothes nicely

Let the dogs out

Give the dogs breakfast

Letting people in/out

Answering the phone

Getting deliveries and dry cleaners

Running errands

 Setting the alarm on/off

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