Fariha Masood

Fariha Masood

Leeds, Leeds

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About me:

  • Qualified Cardiac Physiologist graduated in July 2021. 
  • Great communication skills And patient centred care.
  • General volunteer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 


  • BSc Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) University of Leeds
  • CRM (Cardiac Rhythm Management) programme Abbott
  • Basic Life Support


I am a newly qualified Cardiac Physiologist from the University of Leeds, who is looking to develop and evolve in this specialty. I have graduated with Honours Class 2 Division 1 in BSc Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) in July 2021.

Over the last three years I have been assessed by my work-based assessors in assisting with coronary angiograms /aortograms, assisting in pacemaker implants, fitting ambulatory ECG monitors, ambulatory BP fittings, Tape analysis and exercise tolerance testing. These assessments have all been passed to a high standard with my work-based assessors commenting on my knowledge, skills, and ability to provide clear explanations to my patients. This has all been documented in my comprehensive logbooks which are available for interview.

During coronary angiography and assisting with pacemaker implantation assessments, my communication skills with patients and the Cath Lab team were praised. Outside of the heart center, I have been able to work independently in the ATO room and received excellent feedback for this from my patients which are also documented in my logbooks under service users' feedback forms. Additionally, I have gained experience performing exercise testing whilst a senior Cardiac physiologist or a doctor were also present. I have also gained plenty of experience in pacemaker follow-up. During my first year placement, I have been trained to assist in full lung function tests and performed spirometry, and had passed two spirometry assessments.

During my placements, I have enjoyed working as part of a team, one particular scenario involved me working in the main department at Calderdale Hospital. I called in a patient who had come to have a 48hrs Holter monitor fitted. While ensuring that all channels were artifact-free before starting the monitor, I noticed that the patient’s ECG showed significant ST depression. Upon asking the patient how he was feeling at the time, the patient complained of his heart racing and on observing appeared clammy and breathless. I was concerned for the patient’s well-being, I asked my mentor to arrange a 12 lead ECG for the patient, which was promptly done and the patient was seen by a consultant and was later admitted for treatment. I was praised by my mentor for paying attention to details rather than just fitting the monitor and let the patient go home. On reflection, this experience gave me confidence in my abilities and importantly be able to express my concerns and relay this to senior members of my team.

In addition, I have also worked closely with fellow students on my course, and this has included a group presentation following a clinical pathway for a patient case study utilising exercise tolerance testing, NICE guidelines, and angiograms. Our assessor and fellow cohort commented that it was detailed and of a high standard.

Whilst working at Mid York Hospitals, I was responsible for providing ECGs to the consultant-led clinics. As there was more than one consultant, I had to liaise with nursing staff and prioritise and coordinate my workload accordingly.

At Dewsbury Hospital one of my patients presented with severe special needs and mental health problems was the subject of my first reflective essay of which my assessor commented that I have evaluated both the positive and difficult aspects well. This patient had been booked in for an ECG, and the team was advised that the family were very anxious and did not know how the patient would react, I listened to their concerns, and my superior together communicated effectively with the patient and family putting everyone at ease and keeping calm and taking things very slowly. The outcome was that we were able to successfully obtain the ECG for the consultant without distressing the patient. 
I strongly believe in taking a positive approach to patient-centered care and the results of a patient questionnaire at Harrogate Distract Hospital gave a personal remark commenting that I had been a ‘very friendly, the polite student took me through the process, very quickly and efficiently. I was put at ease and felt very happy with the service.’’

I have three children aged 13, 7, and 5 years old. I had successfully completed my degree this year whilst looking after my children, which shows my strong commitment. I have been praised by the Programme lead (Cardiac Physiology) Lisa Ashton in an email that says ‘you should be proud of what you have achieved in these circumstances, it is not easy with reduced placement time, having children at home, homeschooling, doing a degree as well as placement.’

I have also taken the opportunity to involve in voluntary work at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust since 2017 but actively volunteered during the Covid-19 pandemic, which I felt was a challenging time when our NHS needed us the most. For which I have received a keep’s sake badge for compassion and courage which I will proudly wear for my interview.

Over time I have developed a keen interest in implantable devices and recently completed CRM (cardiac rhythm management) program with Abbott by attending online sessions.

I was not been trained on echocardiography during my Cardiac Physiology course although I have observed and assisted in echo procedures during placements including Transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography. I have an interest in Echocardiography and therefore have joined the British society of echocardiography recently for further learning and to attend the training courses.

My recent application with ‘The Academy of Healthcare Science’ to join the Clinical Physiologist Register has been successful. I am currently awaiting my certificate of registration to become available to download.

During three years course, I have gained experience working in Pinderfields, Pontefract, Dewsbury, Calderdale, Huddersfield, and Harrogate District Hospital.


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