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I believe my experience and skills-set over the past 30 years in a variety of educational institutions will bring a wealth of diverse teaching and learning pedagogy to enhance long term school improvement to the school setting. 

As a founding Head Principal of a new school in a new developing city initiative in Oman my remit was to establish the school within the new constructed developing city, introducing potential new students to the school to grow the capacity from 0-250 with the first two years. Within the first six weeks of my appointment, I enrolled over 100 students with a skeleton staff of just three. I introduced a school improvement strategy plan to the board of directors that encompassed a fully aligned curriculum from Year 1- Year 9 in the first year, and furthermore Year 10-13 in the second year with accreditation approval for Cambridge Assessment International examinations. I recruited 25 new academic staff for the opening of the school and implemented a school management system ready for the new academic year. I set a strategic long term development plan for school improvement that will further develop the capacity of the school campus to double with in 4 years. 

Prior to the Principal role I completed my 2-year contract in July 2020 As Deputy Head Principal at my former school, Nanwai Kings College School Wuxi, China

In the 2 years, I had been a part of the instrumental growth of the Nanwai Kings College from the initial enrolment of 300 students to over 1400 in 18 months Period. I was involved in the foundation of curriculum development, whole school policy making, design of departmental infrastructure, teaching and learning, whole school timetable and teachers’ professional development. 

As the Director of English as a Second Language, I was also responsible for directing and ensuring our EAL students fulfilled their potential on the correct pathway to progress their English Language to access the National Curriculum of England (NCE) for further advancement on to Cambridge IGCSE.

I have designed and implemented many structured frameworks including student ESL  assessment data analysis, ensuring student tracking systems is adhered to throughout the school, transitioning the school forward to the next phase of school improvement and development.

In my previous international school (SUIS) as Deputy Principal I also had the great opportunity to teach, support and direct in both primary and secondary education in a variety of core subjects. This have given me further knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning in both sections of key stage education development. The Knowledge to understand the transition from primary to secondary education and the unified curriculum contents taught was vitally important to ensure students transition was smooth and aligned for their learning progression onto IGCSE. As the lead Cambridge Examination Officer, I set-up and implement the “Primary and Secondary Cambridge International Checkpoint Exams”.   Working Collaboratory with all key stages, this allowed teachers to gain vital analytical information for future lesson planning highlighting students strengths and weaknesses in curriculum contents.  The leadership positions have meant that I have had to organise, manage, and liaise with the whole school teaching and administrations staff in collaboration to establish various foundation frameworks for the future development of the school. I further undertook personal professional development with Pennsylvania University Communications course to gain greater insight into strategic communication skills to ensure a collaborative teaching staff workforce work as a whole team for the better of student attainment. 

Prior to 10 years of overseas international experience and chairman of 10 international school in Egypt, I taught in the UK were my career evolved exponentially  to engage the school’s education system to develop sports athletes for the future. I undertook the senior role with the Local Education Authorities primary cluster schools (LSSP) in partnership with Sports England UK, aiding and collaborating with the secondary hub school and 36 primary cluster schools, guiding the transition from primary into secondary education, mentoring primary teaching staff in all fundamental aspects of delivering Physical Education under the UK governments initiatives. I set-up progressive training programs (PD), First Aid qualifications and further developed tutor sports leaders awards and education NVQ, BTEC apprenticeships. I worked in partnership with children services, local youth associations, local education authorities, universities, and a host of community initiatives in the UK. 

As a Deputy Principal and a Principal I continue to teach and engage students in my specialist subject of PE and in particular Football to enhance school football teams into  gifted and talented academy structure. 

In the international school I have taught and lead, I have introduced many innovative community initiatives one being, parents social group sports team as part of our parents community initiative engagement programmes, engaging our parents in social school activities. As a leader I believe it is vitally important to engage the parents and the community in the school’s philosophy and long-term school improvement plans. As a teacher, mentor, and leader in education I believe that it’s important to be honest transparent and show empathy towards all children in our care and furthermore all stakeholders involved in the school community. 

I believe in working collaboratively as a team with teachers, students, parents, and all stakeholders; to ensure the school delivers the very best education it can offer to all children no matter their ethnicity or ability. I believe it’s important that all children feel safe, secure, and happy in the school environment while still striding to reach their full potential in everything they do. I believe that all parents should play a vital role in the child development and furthermore in any school improvement initiatives to ensure the school improves and grows within the community at large. Extra curriculum activities are a great way to develop children in different areas of cross curriculum activities that some children may never take the opportunity to participate in, it also gives the parents the opportunity to be involved in the school development and parents’ initiative programmes. 

My believe; as an educator and father, is every child matter and is gifted.
That potential may lay deep, and that potential requires nurturing to its full potential and every teacher and educator must discover that potential in every child they teach, every child should matter to all involved in child development. 

In short, I hope in this brief introduction    I have been able to relay to you my passion, desire, and my professional hard-working ethics to aid teacher colleagues, students, parents. Furthermore, supporting a whole school improvement development plan that helps establish a professional reputation of the school’s organisation. 

I believe, as a teacher, leader, and educator we should strive for excellence, strive for better than before, strive for a secure, safe, and happy environment for



Qualification/Course:National Professional Qualification of Headship MA
Grade:(A) 92% 
Where obtained:School improvement, Liverpool Education Authority (DFES) UK
When obtained:July 2021
Qualification/Course:PGCE and Qualified Teacher Status UK Certificate No -0852716
Where obtained:Edge Hill University
When obtained:July 2009
Qualification/Course:BA Hons Degree Physical Education Biomechanics, Anatomy, Physiology
Grade:Upper 2:1
Where obtained:Edge Hill University             
When obtained:July 2008
Qualification/Course:Diploma Health Education & Nutrition Management
Where obtained:Bolton University
When obtained:July 2000
Qualification/Course:GCSE (including Math’s, English, and Science History, Arts & Craft, Social Studies
Where obtained:Archbishop Beck College
When obtained:July 1981



Most recent employer : A’Soud Global School
Authority employed in: Oman Al Wusat 
Employer address: Rock Garden District, Duqm , Oman 
Job title: School Head Principal
Salary: 60000
Age range taught: 3-17
Status/curriculum/subjects: Cambridge International Curriculum
Date from: January 2021 
Date to: August 2021
Notice period:
Reason for leaving: Personal reasons/ returned to UK
Brief details of duties: The role involves implementing a school business strategic plan to encourage and promote the enrolment of students in a new foundation school. Recruitment of academic, administration and operation staff in line with budget requirements and support the board’s vision and direction in establishing a whole school improvement plan. This included implementing a whole school K1-12 curriculum to be fully aligned across all key stages in cooperation with Omani Ministry of Education criteria and government regulation laws. Ensuring proficient teaching and learning is adhered throughout the whole school. Recruitment of teaching staff, target resource budgeting in collaboration with student enrolment. The introduction of an extra curriculum activity program, and after-hours campus community usage for generally improvement in the overall operational and finances of a new founding school, maximizing capital funding.
Previous employer : Kings College International School Wuxi
Employer address: Binhu District, Wuxi , China 200210
Job title: Deputy & Acting Head Principal
Age range taught: 5-17
Status/curriculum/subjects: Cambridge Curriculum
Date from: July 2018
Date to: July 2020
Reason for leaving: End of the contract
Previous employer :  Shanghai United International School
Employer address: Xie Xie, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Job title:  Assistant Head Principal
Age range taught: 5-17
Status/curriculum/subjects:  Cambridge Curriculum
Date from: July 2015
Date to: June 2018
Reason for leaving: Progress Career
Previous employer :  Institute Applied Technology
Employer address:  Ras Al Kaimah, United Arab Emraites
Job title:   Director of Sport
Age range taught: 5-16
Status/curriculum/subjects:  Sports science  NCE Cambridge 
Date from: July 2014
Date to: June 2015
Reason for leaving: Progress Career
Previous employer :  Cairo English International School
Employer address:  Mirage City, New Cairo, Egypt
Job title:   Director of Sport
Age range taught: 5-17 years 
Status/curriculum/subjects:  Physical Education, English Second language  NCE
Date from: July 2011
Date to: June 2014
Reason for leaving: Progress Career
Previous employer :  Networks Education Management
Employer address:  Sefton Lane, Liverpool  L20 5AL
Job title:   Head Principal & Director of Education 
Age range taught:   12 -17
Status/curriculum/subjects:  UK curriculum / Bishop curriculum 
Date from: September 2009
Date to: July 2011
Reason for leaving: Government Funding Project ended
Previous employer :  Cardinal Heenan Sports College 
Employer address: Liverpool& Wigan Central Partnership Liverpool, England, L12 4HB
Job title:   Lead Sports Coordinator/Mentor
Age range taught:   5-17 years 
Status/curriculum/subjects:  NCE
Date from: September 2004
Date to: July 2009
Reason for leaving: Progress Career in partnership with Sefton Children services and local education authority 
Previous employer :  Strand United Football Club
Employer address: Pawley Island South Carolina, USA
Job title:   Director of Football Academy and Marketing In partnership with Everton FC
Age range taught:   5-17 years 
Date from: September 2000
Date to: July 2004
Reason for leaving: Return to the UK
Previous employer :  Everton Football Club
Employer address: Everton Football Club, Goodison Park
Job title:  Director of Health Education/ Professional Football Coach & Personal Trainer, (Manager: Walter Smith)
Age range taught:   5 years to open age 
Status/curriculum/subjects:  PFA 
Date from: July 1995
Date to: July 2000
Reason for leaving: Set up a sister academy for Everton FC in the USA
Previous employer :  Health Options Catering Ltd.  / Jeff Jackets Ltd / Banana Gardens
Employer address: Liverpool
Job title:  Business owner of commercial enterprise healthy options catering business
Age range taught:   5 years to open age 
Status/curriculum/subjects:  14 years’ experience.Owner of private and family business enterprise
Date from: January 1981 
Date to: June 1995
Reason for leaving: Moved from Self employed Business to employed

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