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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Currently, I am pursuing my A-levels. I am a motivated, self-assured individual who enjoys progressing and is driven by this fast-paced, demanding atmosphere. I can plan effectively and take initiative without needing to be directed all of the time. I have a robust entrepreneurial mindset and, when necessary, think outside the box. I would relish the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the company as I am well-spoken, collaborative, and I enjoy assisting clients.



I have recently completed my higher secondary education and am currently working on my A-levels


  • I’ve worked in retail before, volunteering and assisting family members in their stores. Skills I have gained from this are:

- Customer service and communications skills                 -Teamwork

- Commercial awareness                                                            - Time management

- Working under pressure                                                          - Responsibility

- Attention to detail                                                                     - Problem solving and initiative


  • Volunteering at my local mosque and assisting in my community are two of my favourite things to do. 
  • I am one of the student ambassador directors at my school, therefore I volunteered for two weeks over the summer vacation to help with enrolment. I've mastered the art of maintaining a positive attitude, making people feel welcome and pleased whilst simultaneously doing tasks independently and professionally.

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