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Nia Pemberton

Skelmersdale, West Lancashire District, Lancashire

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I am currently nearing the end of my masters degree in Criminal Justice, that was chosen following the completion of my undergraduate degree in Criminology, where I was able to develop academic knowledge surrounding our criminal justice system in great detail. Along side my undergraduate degree I volunteered as a “women at risk mentor” at Lancashire Women where I work alongside the probation service in order to monitor and hold weekly meetings with clients deemed at risk of reoffending. This volunteer opportunity was amazing, and provided me with just as much knowledge as my degree did due to having a more hands on approach to our justice system and those who end up getting caught up in it. During my time as a “women at risk mentor” I was able to be apart of my clients rehabilitative process, this enabled me to quickly identify how society writes off offenders / ex-offenders. I am a firm believe and am passionate that not all of those who do get caught up within our justice system do so by choice. Society fails to acknowledge the reasons behind ones offence, and instead ridicules them for failing to comply with the law and societal norms. It is important to note that if society ridicules an offender and sends them back into society in an even worse position the only option may be for an offender to reoffend which defeats the sole purpose of our justice system. Whilst my time at Lancashire Women I was able to be trained in the importance of safeguarding, which is a crucial way of keeping clients safe. I would love this opportunity to work towards keeping individuals safe through efficient and effective case management of safeguarding and disclosure checks and provide support to Head of Governance and Compliance.


As my time as a masters student is coming to an end, I am seeking a full-time role that will enable me to develop my knowledge of the justice system further and to become apart of the societal change where victims and former offenders can work together to create a better society.





I have an undergraduate degree in criminology 

I have a masters degree in Criminal Justice 


Sales Assistant, New Look, Retail: 2015-2020

 Barista, Starbucks: 2020- current day 

Trustee, DYNAMIC (a centrefor children and youngpeople with disabilities) ,voluntary: 2016-2017. 

Women at Risk mentor, Lancashire Women(women’s centre), Voluntary: 2018-2020




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