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About me:

I am a molecular biologist who recently finished the Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology Masters course at University of Sussex. During my course I have gained experience in planning and conducting a research project, data analysis (including NGS data) and interpretation, implementation of laboratory techniques as well as online analytical tools. I am fascinated about molecular biology and all the mysteries the genome and intracellular mechanisms hold. Currently, I’m seeking opportunities that allow me to deepen my knowledge and utilize my current experience on molecular biology and genomics. Specific fields of interest include NGS data analytics, statistics, bioinformatics, diagnostics, molecular biology, and biochemistry.


I completed a Master course in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology at University of Sussex. My key modules involved genome stability, genetic disease and cancer, molecular genetics, practical techniques in cell and molecular biology, and advanced methods in molecular research. 
During my course I had a chance to use advanced techniques in cell and molecular biology such as PCR, Western Blotting, site-directed mutagenesis, SDS-Page, plasmid preparation and bacterial transformation. My course also involved team projects which helped me gain excellent communicational, team working, and presentational skills.
My masters research project involved the molecular analysis of breast cancer patients as well as mutational analysis of NGS data from the patients in order to devise personalised targeted treatments. 

I achieved my bachelor degree in Biological Sciences at University of Brighton. My key modules and major fields of interests involved clinical microbiology and immunology, cellular pathology, molecular cell biology, genetics and genomics, and bioanalytical techniques. 
During my course I have gained significant laboratory skills in molecular biology and diagnostic biology. I have also gained relevant experience in advanced statistical analysis, using SPSS, which was also one of my favourite modules in my undergraduate program.  
My final year project involved the analysis of NGS data from the cohort in order to assess drug metabolism for personalised drug treatment. 


For four years I was a supervisor at Curry Leaf Cafe Kiosk at Brighton Station. As a supervisor at Curry Leaf Cafe I made sure that the shop was at its highest standards in terms of hygiene and stock. I was responsible for stock-take, machine assessment, new staff training, and dealing with customer complaints. I opened and closed the shop, closed the till everyday, reported daily intake and any relevant feedback to the upper management.

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