Svetlana Terekhova S

Svetlana Terekhova

Loughborough, Charnwood District, Leicestershire

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About me:

I have graduated from Data Science, Loughborough University. I have got knowledge of Data Governance and Ethics, Building data-driven strategy, Research Methods, Digital Storytelling for making informed decisions, conflict resolution and the method of communication with the stakeholders, Design thinking for AI-driven services, and Programming for Data Science. My Master’s thesis is dedicated to data mining and analysis of the UK schools’ environment. To address this topic, I have learned multiple up-to-date policy and guidance documents from the Department for Education with regards to school attainment and health and safety and studied multiple research papers undertaken towards the improvement of schools’ environment, and common school practices. As an outcome, my thesis is awarded advanced grading.

I look for a job, which will allow me to learn on the go and be efficient. I will always make sure the given task is clear. Being able to put the priorities in my work and organize myself to proceed according to the plan, walking the extra mile to accomplish the task, and working in a team on the grounds of mutual respect became the principles I adhere to in my professional life. Working with people, listening to them, trying to acknowledge and understand the problem, and finding the way for resolution brings me a lot of satisfaction. I look forward to working and gaining new experience and knowledge.


MSc Data Science


Loughborough University Graduate 2021

What kind of projects is Svetlana Terekhova looking for?

Data Science related projects, that would allow learning on a go.

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