Tasneem Mulla

Nuneaton, Nuneaton and Bedworth District, Warwickshire

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

An enthusiastic, mature, friendly individual who is self-motivated, organised, and capable of working under pressure using her own initiative or within a group. Has practical approach to problem solving and drive to see things through to completion and is also adaptable and responsible. Seeking a job which will utilise the organisational and communication skills developed through her educational studies. 


I have obtained the minimum of 5 GCSE at grade C or above including Math, Science and English. In addition, I attend college and pursued an education in three A-levels or equivalent which included Biology, Applied science and Geography in which I successfully collected the qualifications sufficient to study Biomedical sciences at undergraduate level. 

My undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences has provided me the comprehensive knowledge of the biological processes which contribute to human health and disease. By undertaking this course, I was equipped with the education of scientific procedures in specialised modules from immunopathology and molecular science to clinical biochemistry and medical microbiology. Studying at this institution has assisted and guided my presence in this course in several ways, such as enhancing my career in research by partaking in a Dissertation module which specifically aimed on the investigation of the Epstein Barr virus encoded oncoprotein, Latency Membrane Protein 1, in cell motility and how the signalling pathway of this oncoprotein can be inhibited with the utilisation of the SB431542 inhibitor.

On the successful completion of my undergraduate degree I then attended a Masters course of Oncology as postgraduate level. At a Postgraduate Level I was attained the skills of studying in-depth content by keeping up to date with deadlines and lecture notes. Studying Oncology, I was able to enjoy the different modules on this course ranging from tumour physiology to Drug design and pharmacology providing the required essence in the research field. Throughout this course, I also completed a dissertation project which consisted of demonstrating a variety of skills in a laboratory workplace as well as having the ability to critically analyse the results obtained from each experiment. This dissertation was specially targeted on characterising the active proteome of infiltrative malignant brain tumour tissue. 


Math and Literacy Tutor


While studying at Etone College I decided to take up the role of tutoring Math and improving children's reading/literacy skills at Etone School. By assisting students aged 13-16, I have been able to improve their GCSE grades. This position consists of helping the students with their homework and revision. From this experience I have gained useful skills such as communicating with students in a friendly, encouraging, and calm manner. The skills I have acquired in this position can be transferred to employment for instance working with students provides patience and adapting to their level of learning therefore creating a peaceful workplace. 


Warehouse Operative


By working in this field I was able to incorprate skills consisting of the essential skills such as efficiently fulfilling orders under time pressure as well as implementing new operational methods, resulting in a steady increase of orders fulfilled per hour. After accumulating sufficient funds for my final year at University I left this job post to further pursue and to focus solely on my ambitions towards my studies.

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