Tyrell Latchman

Tyrell Latchman

Leagrave, Luton

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

A reliable, non-judgmental and positive team player, I'm always aiming to please. I'm always open to new things and I have no problem stepping out of my comfort zone. Constantly picking up new ways to solving problems and new techniques to include in my expanding inventory! Additionally, I take on board the expectations of my colleagues and employers! My goal is to produce 100% quality and excellent work!


I achieved a 1st class bachelor's degree in animation after 3 years in University of Bedfordshire. To achieve this, I created an animated short based on Greek Mythology for my final major project. During my time in Uni, I learned how create cartoons and edit videos.


My latest position has been working as a graphic designer for the IT company Dovelp, where I created social media posts to promote the company by researching how other companies promote themselves. I also created animation for the company such as a 404 not found gif on the site and a Promo Cartoon for the company. Before that, I had Freelance and Volunteer Animation jobs creating animated cartoons for clients and companies such as Att10tive and Com Church.

What kind of projects is Tyrell Latchman looking for?

I'm primarily looking for projects involving 2D Animation but I'm open to other positions such as Storyboarding, Illustration, Character Design, Graphic Design and Digital Designer! My biggest skillsets are 2D Animation and Illustration and my primary programs are Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Krita, and Toonz.

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