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4 months ago

Illusory truth effect of passwordless authentication

Hitoshi Kokumai ·   · "The more misinformation is repeated, the more likely you are to think that it is true." - I found this remark in this BBC report -  https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210629-south-americas-bitter-divide-over-a-toxic-covid-cure · Its title quickly drove me to come up with t ...

1 year ago

British Broadcasting 'Craporation' and COVID - 19

Funmi Ade · Tracking the News. · The recent COVID - 19 (coronavirus) WHO declared pandemic, is a stark reminder of why I watch so little television and have evolved a process for hearing the news, from mainstream media.  This media, upon which we are almost universally reliant, to keep us ...

4 years ago

Can we create our own identities from reinvention

Geoff Hudson-Searle · I recently attended a birthday drinks party in London, where I met a BBC journalist and we started discussing reinventing yourself for change – it was a fascinating discussion. · We would like to think that the key to a successful career or relationship is knowing what we want to ...

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