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3 weeks ago

Questions Raised over Privacy, Racial Bias, and Accuracy

Hitoshi Kokumai · Today's topic is BBC's “Facebook to end use of facial recognition software” · https://www.bbc.com/news/business-59143323 · It is good to see BBC now mention ‘accuracy’ in the report besides other concerns, but not good enough as yet; they still do not refer to the probabilistic ...

1 month ago

Serious Funny Reality

Hitoshi Kokumai · I take up this new report today - “Researchers Defeated Advanced Facial Recognition Tech Using Makeup” https://www.vice.com/en/article/k78v9m/researchers-defeated-advanced-facial-recognition-tech-using-makeup · The report says “The experiment saw 100 percent success in the digita ...

2 months ago

Advantage of Biometrics Security to Criminals

Hitoshi Kokumai · Taken up today is this TechRepublic report on voice print as a new password - https://www.techrepublic.com/article/your-voiceprint-could-be-your-new-password-as-companies-look-to-increase-security-for-remote-workers/ · Instead of “Your voiceprint could be your new password as com ...

2 months ago

Threat Bigger than Quantum Computer

Hitoshi Kokumai · We today take up this report “NSA: We 'don't know when or even if' a quantum computer will ever be able to break today's public-key encryption” · https://www.theregister.com/2021/09/01/nsa_quantum_computing_faq/ · Conclusion of this report: · “In a world where users will divulge ...

3 months ago

What these 2 graphs tell us about biometrics

Hitoshi Kokumai · Biometrics is 'probabilistic' by nature since it measures unpredictably variable body features of living animals in ever changing environments. · A graph below shows the False Acceptance Rates (FAR) and False Rejection Rates (FRR) of two biometrics products - one relatively more ...

3 months ago


Hitoshi Kokumai · Observation 1: “Voice ID technology is dramatically cutting fraud in banking”, as claimed in this article. https://www.thinkdigitalpartners.com/news/2021/08/18/biometrics-finding-its-voice/ · Observation 2: Biometrics brings down identity security, as examined in this post – “Ste ...

3 months ago

My Face is Your Face and also Their Faces, isn’t it?

Hitoshi Kokumai · Today’s topic is this intriguing report - “'Master Face': Researchers Say They've Found a Wildly Successful Bypass for Face Recognition Tech” https://gizmodo.com/master-face-researchers-say-theyve-found-a-wildly-succ-1847420710 · It reads “computer scientists at Tel Aviv Universi ...

4 months ago

Step-by-Step Analysis of Why and How Biometrics Brings Down Security

Hitoshi Kokumai · This is a follow-up of my earlier post – “Reality that so many security experts opt to not speak”  · Biometrics is probabilistic; it measures unpredictably variable body features of living animals in ever changing environments.Therefore, biometrics does not escape the trade-off b ...

4 months ago

The first SANE report on passwordless hype

Hitoshi Kokumai ·   · Yesterday I posted this comment - "Remove the army and we will have a stronger national defense"  · I have now found this report, which is probably the first SANE article that I have ever come across on tech media about passwordless authentication - “Don't believe the passwor ...

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