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1 month ago
Ezra Carlson E

Syndicated corporate venturing: what all companies can learn from life sciences

Ezra Carlson · The arrival of new technologies such as machine learning, biotechnology, AI and quantum computing, means that there is a greater need for companies to invest earlier in the lifecycle. · To do so requires different approaches to corporate venturing. The model that has already evol ...

1 year ago

Third of businesses missing out on employee brand advocates

Petra Smith · Over a third of UK employees feel disconnected from their company’s brand and lack skills and resources to be brand advocates, according to our recent survey. · The missing link between brands and employees · Employees are the face of a company and know more about the business th ...

2 years ago

Turbulence is inevitable, change is constant

Geoff Hudson-Searle · Change is inevitable. · More and more organisations today face a dynamic and changing environment. The oft-heard rallying cry in today’s organisations is “Change or die.” Survival in today’s global economy requires organisations to be flexible and adapt readily to the ever-changi ...

4 years ago

Are leaders born or made?

Geoff Hudson-Searle · What do you know about Generation Z? Born in the 1990s, they are beginning to enter the global workforce in greater numbers – and they mean business. · Gen Z arrived into an internet-ruled world, and grew up alongside the first phase of social media. While Generation Y – also know ...

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