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3 years ago

Love and loss

Lisa Vanderburg · This is a true story told through the eyes of a child that lived most of her life in terror. This then is how I see it at the emotional age I was then. · ‘This is YOUR fault. You and you alone are to blame and this is the price that you will pay.’ I begged him, pleaded with him, ...

4 years ago

For my baby grand-daughter

Lisa Vanderburg · With Irma bearing down on them; my son, his wife and their first child, I have decided to buzz this. I'm a Christian (albeit a really crappy one) and me and my husband have yet to visit this little cupcake! I like to make different stuff, so our grandson has a painted shell with ...

4 years ago

Can you learn from Grandparents and their values

Geoff Hudson-Searle · Father’s day came around the list of yearly calendar events recently,  which made me think and reflect about the unconditional love for my grandfather and my grandparents. Coincidently this reflection came at the same time of one of my recent blog posts, creating value from value ...

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