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1 year ago

Smelling My Underams

Funmi Ade · The COVID19 pandemic will probably go down as one of most transformational periods of the century, even though we are only 20 years into it. · While much as been made of the effects of the pandemic at the national and international levels, the personal human stories have been ...

2 years ago

The Fun of Learning 2: Fun Earning

Funmi Ade · An update on my fun learning experiences.  You'll remember my first blog where I talked about floristry, Indian head message and art and how relaxing, I find learning for fun rather than achievement.  Today a focus on fun learning and the potential for earning.  I recently conclu ...

3 years ago

The Cycle of Life

Funmi Ade · You may remember my blog The Fun of Learning and Zero Cost series: De-stressing Your Workplace, I shared my experiences of a short floristry course and extolled the virtues of plants and their effects on the psyche.  Today it’s  quick rundown on what’s happened to a single plant ...

4 years ago

The Fun of Learning

Funmi Ade · I enjoy learning new things and over the years, as well as lots of academic, professional & CPD for my career development & advantage, learnt to swim & got into yoga, as an adult. I’ve also tried fun day events like steel band & creative arts, during the summer months. I find it ...

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