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1 year ago

Sorry but I Know Why I am Black

Funmi Ade · I shouldn't really be apologizing for the state of my skin, nor chanting at the top of my voice I'm Black I'm Proud. · I simply am what I am. · Born into this world that has existed long before me and will continue long after me, Black. · The process by which I came about this co ...

1 year ago

Gods Don't Die

Funmi Ade · Princess Diana · I know exactly when I heard the news of Princess Diana, · died. · I don't read papers, or watch to television much. · I had picked up an acquaintance, for church, when along the way, thinking I'd heard, she mentioned it. I was shocked. · Where have you been she a ...

2 years ago

The Folly of Shedding Skins

Lisa Vanderburg · I have been gone awhile and I have missed many splendid writers, thought-provoking concepts and sheer eclectic doozies. I do apologise. Judge me as you will but I plead not guilty · by reason of insanity. · Sometime mid 2018 two unconnected things happened. · One; I turned 60. ...

3 years ago

Love and loss

Lisa Vanderburg · This is a true story told through the eyes of a child that lived most of her life in terror. This then is how I see it at the emotional age I was then. · ‘This is YOUR fault. You and you alone are to blame and this is the price that you will pay.’ I begged him, pleaded with him, ...

3 years ago

But, how to get rid of the body.....?

Lisa Vanderburg · Oddly, I often wonder (with more than a bit of awe), how the bad guys in films get away with murder so often. It really, truly is HARD to get rid of a body! · because we've been up to here · with the practical side of 'getting one's affairs in order' in the post above, I wanna ...

3 years ago

What to do with the children?

Lisa Vanderburg · Reading Donna Wood's · recent offering · Guns / Mentality, she asks what's wrong with us rather than the the seemingly endless arsenal of weaponry a person can lay his hands on. It's a good question: What's wrong with US? · Following that, I read Pascal Derrien's delightful journ ...

3 years ago

Hope springs...eternal

Lisa Vanderburg · A very routine thing happened to young newly-weds; they had a child (then several after). · What happened that turned ordinary to extraordinary was the circumstances that around surrounded this first birth 2020-odd years ago. Almost all of you will know this story, even if you do ...

4 years ago

For my baby grand-daughter

Lisa Vanderburg · With Irma bearing down on them; my son, his wife and their first child, I have decided to buzz this. I'm a Christian (albeit a really crappy one) and me and my husband have yet to visit this little cupcake! I like to make different stuff, so our grandson has a painted shell with ...

4 years ago

The Letter

Lisa Vanderburg · Circa 1955, MI. · ''Dear Mama · ….can’t sleep. I know you can’t be here and at 17 years old I should be stronger like you. Yes I am a bit worried about the operation in a couple of days, but it’s not that really. · Something happened that scared me real bad – I’m not sure t ...

4 years ago

You CAN see through others eyes

Lisa Vanderburg · Time is not my own. That said, I'm sure if I was to manage it properly, I would have some time! It is laziness or a lost art - bit of both? Actually, it the manifestation of chaos..... :) · Generally I write about medical stuff - badly; in cranky tones. I'm a med-brat, and Parkin ...

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