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1 month ago

"Intentional" - A Year Later

David Amerland · A lot has happened since “Intentional” came out. The world is a little different. We are all subtly changed. Here's a quick recap and an update.  · #davidamerland #intentional 

2 months ago

Is Your Life Truly Your Own?

David Amerland · You're not alone in feeling the need for change. Across the world there is a quiet rebellion taking place that is changing everything. Dive in to see exactly why and how.  · #intentional #intentionality  #intentionalliving #change 

8 months ago


David Amerland · When things happen that we don’t want to happen, I argue, that they then have to happen. Not because I believe in some predestined reality but because moments such as the war in Ukraine are evidence of system errors. Dive in.  · #intentional #thesnipermind #decisionmaking 

9 months ago

Three Marketing Lessons I Learnt Producing An Audiobook

David Amerland · If you apply these three lessons to your business, even if you do nothing else, you will notice a distinct change in how it is perceived, how your prospects see you and how you feel about it all. Dive in.  · #intentional #audiobook 

9 months ago

What Stops You From Being Happy?

David Amerland · We all, in one way or another, are in pursuit of happiness. The fact that so many of us feel unhappy a lot of the time is a reflection of the fact that we don't really know exactly what it is we pursue or why. This is a far from definitive explanation of a really complex issue bu ...

9 months ago

Make It Matter

David Amerland · We want to feel that what we do has meaning. Meaning gives us value. Value creates a sense of purpose. Everything is linked. Intentional: https://amzn.to/3AZV1qf

10 months ago

New Interview With The Author of "Intentional"

David Amerland · I know how my brain works and why I feel that way so I keep a journal where I detail my words-per-day progress when I write and my thoughts and ideas and I use it to give myself a pep-talk of sorts so that I can convince myself I can write. Dive in. 

10 months ago

Finding The Meaning In Life

David Amerland · "Not only do we not see an actual meaning of life in its function but we also differentiate between the two crucial states of “life” and “non-life” through an arbitrary and entirely self-serving evaluation which we do not really have an obvious way of validating." Talking about t ...

10 months ago

Tigers, Wolves and Us

David Amerland · Dive into my Five Li'l Links deep dive and come out gasping for breath but feeling more alive than ever. I don't make idle promises. Subscribe to be kept informed. Stay safe and be happy hombres. And don't forget to subscribe!  ·   · #intentional #sundaythoughts #sundayvibes

11 months ago

The Two-Line Code That Runs Every Human

David Amerland · I am oversimplifying things a little but essentially this is it. Everything we do, think about, act upon, create, develop, manufacture, build and construct stems from these two lines of code, that run us. When you think about it the apparent simplicity hides a terrifying complexi ...

11 months ago

I Don't Have a Comfortable Writing Routine

David Amerland · In the latest interview on my blogtour for my book, Intentional: How To Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully I explain my writing routine and how I approach the books I write. Dive in.  · #interview  #newbook 

11 months ago

Being Honest Has To Start With Us

David Amerland · This is harder to do than you think. Cognitive dissonance is real. We all hold contradictory beliefs all the time. Resolving them is how we learn who we are, what we value and what we really believe in. This is why understanding how we operate frees us.  ·   · #intentional #inten ...

11 months ago

New Interview on "Intentional" Blog Tour

David Amerland · "Each book, much like an idea or an action, has both its an origin and an intent." Dive in. · #intentional #BlogTour #newbook 

1 year ago

The Importance of Context in Search Marketing

David Amerland · Context defines the meaning of data. We are unlikely to act on something that holds no meaning for us. In that statement there is the formula for success in search marketing and branding. Dive in. · #intentional #marketing #semanticsearch #search

1 year ago

Author Interview: Intentional

David Amerland · "I have an almost pathological dislike of abuse of power of any sort. It really triggers me. A lot of people think I am an establishment player. I have worked for large corporations and I have consulted for Fortune 500 companies. Before the pandemic I looked like a corporate glob ...

1 year ago

How "Intentional" Came to Be Written

David Amerland · How does a book come about? What makes me write each day? And what plans do I have for the future? In a wide-ranging interview we go deep into my writing life and style and how I live my professional life. · #intentional #interview #intentionality #writing #future

1 year ago

The Paradox Of Writing

David Amerland · If we take writing as an act of creation we immediately realize that at least half of it is a conjuring act that manifests things that are mostly immaterial and invisible into things that are material and visible. Writers enter the ethereal domain of thoughts, imaginings and idea ...

1 year ago

What Is It Like To Be A Writer?

David Amerland · In a fresh interview on “Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully” I lift the lid on the writing process and reveal what it is really like to be a writer. #intentional #interview  · “Intentional” BlogTour 

1 year ago

How A Sense of Purpose Changes Life

David Amerland · A life without purpose is a life that lacks meaning. And maybe the only real distinction that can be made between life and death is exactly that: meaning. Meaning starts with purpose.  · #PUYB #BlogTour #BookTour #nonfiction  · #PUYB #BookTour #BlogTour #intentional

1 year ago

How To Beat Procrastination

David Amerland · The classic prompt to "Plan your work and work your plan" actually works but we need to learn to consciously structure things in a way that makes them work for us. Have a great Thursday! · #procrastination #intentional #intentionality #intentionallife #intentionalbusiness

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