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3 days ago

Author Interview: Intentional

David Amerland · "I have an almost pathological dislike of abuse of power of any sort. It really triggers me. A lot of people think I am an establishment player. I have worked for large corporations and I have consulted for Fortune 500 companies. Before the pandemic I looked like a corporate glob ...

1 week ago

"Intentional" an interview on the story behind the book

David Amerland · How do we know how to behave? Where does the knowledge we think we possess on this come from? What makes some types of behavior acceptable and some others not in specific contexts? These are questions that are easy to ask and difficult to answer. Like most seemingly simple things ...

2 weeks ago

Latest Interview on "Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully"

David Amerland · “To suggest that we don’t know how to #comment-12009">behave appears to be counter-intuitive. After all, we are all adults and we have all graduated in some form from the so-called “school of life”. Yet, as the pandemic made painfully clear to all of us, much of the behavior we c ...

3 weeks ago

How "Intentional" Came to Be Written

David Amerland · How does a book come about? What makes me write each day? And what plans do I have for the future? In a wide-ranging interview we go deep into my writing life and style and how I live my professional life. · #intentional #interview #intentionality #writing #future

1 month ago

What Is It Like To Be A Writer?

David Amerland · In a fresh interview on “Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully” I lift the lid on the writing process and reveal what it is really like to be a writer. #intentional #interview  · “Intentional” BlogTour 

1 month ago

An interview on "Intentional"

David Amerland · Every writer has a method and every book is written in a specific way. In this interview I explain a little about mine and there is also an excerpt from “Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully”.  ·  

1 month ago

The Writer's Life Magazine: David Amerland Interview

David Amerland · In an interview that covers #intentional, writing, the writer's life and the choices we have to make, we get to see a little of the parts under the hood, so to speak.  · David Amerland at his writing desk.

4 months ago

Post from David Amerland

David Amerland · The first interview on “Intentional: How to Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully”. More stuff to come over the next couple of weeks. 

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