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3 years ago

Exactly what is the future in Technology?

Geoff Hudson-Searle · Technology forecasting is a completely unpredictable endeavour. No one wants to be a false prophet with a prediction so immediate that it can be easily proven incorrect in short order, but long-term predictions can be even harder. And yet even though people know predictions can b ...

4 years ago


Lisa Vanderburg · It's not something I do much... · pic credit · I can tell I’m getting old; I have become sentimental. I spend my days watching and listening mainly. That’s what you do when your spouse has a chronic degenerative disease like Parkinson’s. It has lived with us for more than half ou ...

4 years ago

Ode to January renewed in July, dammit!

Lisa Vanderburg · It's one I wrote in January, so hell with it...we know the news: · byebye baby, baby goodbyeee · ------------------------------------------------------------ · It is January. This is the time when there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there’s only the now. It carries the a ...

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