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1 week ago

"Intentional" an interview on the story behind the book

David Amerland · How do we know how to behave? Where does the knowledge we think we possess on this come from? What makes some types of behavior acceptable and some others not in specific contexts? These are questions that are easy to ask and difficult to answer. Like most seemingly simple things ...

1 year ago

Attributes of an Effective Defence Lawyer

Michael Wolkind QC · Defence lawyers have a very important role in society as they ensure that people receive a fair trial. There are a number of attributes and skills required of barristers to enable them to be successful in their roles. Qualities such as confidence, integrity, and communication ski ...

4 years ago

Do we really use our Senses, Imagination and Knowledge?

Geoff Hudson-Searle · After reading an incredibly interesting research paper recently, named: “Berkeley’s Two Mental Events: Ideas of Senses and Ideas of Imagination and Memory”, authored by Tzofit Ofengenden, Tübingen University, the paper triggered some interesting observations and questions… ‘There ...

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