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7 months ago


Aav Din · #music #art #quoteoftheday #quote #avantgarde #avantgardiste #experimental #electronicmusic

7 months ago

How music can change the way you feel and act

Aav Din · How music can change the way you feel and act | CNN · https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/08/health/music-brain-behavior-intl/index.html · #life #music #behappy #behavior

1 year ago

Is Your Life Truly Your Own?

David Amerland · You're not alone in feeling the need for change. Across the world there is a quiet rebellion taking place that is changing everything. Dive in to see exactly why and how.  · #intentional #intentionality  #intentionalliving #change 

1 year ago

The Marshmallow Test Is Not An Accurate Prediction Of Success In Life

David Amerland · The Stanford Marshmallow Test experiment taught us to believe there is a simple, direct and accurate link between willpower and self-control, exhibited early on in life and success and health, enjoyed later on. There is, but ... the truth is way more complex than that and we are ...

1 year ago


Nina Bedford ·

1 year ago

Finding The Meaning In Life

David Amerland · "Not only do we not see an actual meaning of life in its function but we also differentiate between the two crucial states of “life” and “non-life” through an arbitrary and entirely self-serving evaluation which we do not really have an obvious way of validating." Talking about t ...

2 years ago

How A Sense of Purpose Changes Life

David Amerland · A life without purpose is a life that lacks meaning. And maybe the only real distinction that can be made between life and death is exactly that: meaning. Meaning starts with purpose.  · #PUYB #BlogTour #BookTour #nonfiction  · #PUYB #BookTour #BlogTour #intentional

2 years ago

Live the life you feel you ought to be living

David Amerland · Live your life the way you want to. Manage stress better. Be more resilient and enjoy meaningful relationships and better health. We all want that. Such life leads to better choices, better jobs, loving romantic partners, more rewarding careers and decisions that are fully aligne ...

2 years ago

Post from David Amerland

David Amerland · Three easy steps to being Intentional in your life and, by association, your business. 

2 years ago

How To Change The World

David Amerland · Changing the world is no one's task, really. Yet it is the task of all of us which makes it the task of each of us. There is no easy way to go about it but, at the same time, it is not as hard a task as you may think it is. · If we all make small, positive changes in our everyday ...

3 years ago

How Writing Daily Can Improve Your Life

Michael Wolkind QC · There are a plethora of benefits that come along with writing every day. Whether you are hoping to improve your vocabulary or sentence structure, record your dreams, or simply document the daily events in your life, writing can have an incredibly positive impact on your life. · Y ...

3 years ago

Seagulls As A Metaphor For Life

Funmi Ade · Mundane Actions Better Meditation · I have had several times, the pleasure and privilege, to buy fresh fish from the seaside. Today, as I sit listening to gentle music after a 15 minute meditation, I am reminded as I reflect, just how like seagulls the journey of life is. · Not o ...

3 years ago

Gods Don't Die

Funmi Ade · Princess Diana · I know exactly when I heard the news of Princess Diana, · died. · I don't read papers, or watch to television much. · I had picked up an acquaintance, for church, when along the way, thinking I'd heard, she mentioned it. I was shocked. · Where have you been she a ...

3 years ago

Reflecting on reflections: 2020 vision

Lisa Vanderburg · Why do we do what we do? Naturally, I refer to the publishing of buzzes, or articles, or posts. · Why do we... engage? Do we feel that what we know is of imperative value to others? Do we have a need to be heard? A wont to verbosity? A plea to opine? Or do we simply mean to try a ...

3 years ago

Like Ants Or Looking Down From the Sky

Funmi Ade · Wasn't sure what to title this one.  On one - hand a sentence from one of Voltaire's short stories Micromégas along the lines men.... like ants upon the earth, when he wrote of giants on an imaginary planet, whom visit earth.  On the other, looking down from the oval window of a ...

4 years ago

Look Up At the Sky Everyday

Funmi Ade · I’m not sure exactly when or what prompted me to take a conscious, reflective look at the sky. I do remember though that it was one evening, as I was about to draw the curtains that I appreciated the sky for the first time. For me and I hazard a guess, most people, my daily life ...

5 years ago

The Cycle of Life

Funmi Ade · You may remember my blog The Fun of Learning and Zero Cost series: De-stressing Your Workplace, I shared my experiences of a short floristry course and extolled the virtues of plants and their effects on the psyche.  Today it’s  quick rundown on what’s happened to a single plant ...

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