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1 year ago

How the LinkedIn algorithm works

Petra Smith · LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms that can help you to target and reach a specific audience and grow your business. Whilst some people see LinkedIn as a purely job search focused social network, it can also be a powerful professional networking and advertising tool. ...

1 year ago

How to use social selling to grow your business

Petra Smith · Social selling is exactly what the name indicates – selling your products and services with the help of social networks. Irrespective of your business’ focus or size, interacting with your potential clients via social media helps you to establish and build your brand, generate an ...

2 years ago

How it works: The LinkedIn Algorithm

Petra Smith · At Squirrels&Bears we believe in simplicity and we like to provide clear answers to your questions. In our #howitworks series we focus on simple explanations of various aspects of small business, highlighting the basic facts, what works and what doesn’t work. And we hope to make ...

2 years ago

Say No to International Women's Day

Funmi Ade · This year I refused to get caught up in the International Women's Day 'movement'.  What's the point I thought.  Where is the substance to this day.  Speeches, photo ops and some wining and dining, then ........back to normal or is it just forget for a little, that gender inequali ...

4 years ago

What do I want?

Lisa Vanderburg · It's a curious question; at least, for me. I'm not corporate, 'branding' myself, nor am I seeking a job. As far as I see it, I have nothing to lose but much to gain in my personal curiosities. So....what am I doing here? Am I predictor or prey, voyeur or player, convicted, reliab ...

4 years ago

Zero Cost Social Media. Advice from A Novice Turned Pro.

Funmi Ade · Introduction · Today I’m sharing my experiences, to help cash strapped, social media novices, micropreneurs & socialpreneurs, with a formula that works, at least for me!  ·  Running a social enterprise, or as some call it a community interest company, without any major grants or ...

5 years ago

I knew it was a fake - but my Curiosity got the Better of Me

Martin Wright · Originally Published on LinkedIn    Dec 3, 2015 · Yesterday I received a connection request.  I carried out all the checks, the profile image was correct - the work history was accurate, the education matched.   · In fact it was a little too good - and I knew it.  But my curios ...

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