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1 year ago

How the LinkedIn algorithm works

Petra Smith · LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms that can help you to target and reach a specific audience and grow your business. Whilst some people see LinkedIn as a purely job search focused social network, it can also be a powerful professional networking and advertising tool. ...

1 year ago

How to use social selling to grow your business

Petra Smith · Social selling is exactly what the name indicates – selling your products and services with the help of social networks. Irrespective of your business’ focus or size, interacting with your potential clients via social media helps you to establish and build your brand, generate an ...

1 year ago

How to conduct a social media audit

Petra Smith · You might be enjoying your time on · Instagram · or · Twitter, but how do you know whether · social media · brings you anything of value or if is it just a ‘nice to have’ addition to your small business marketing? By performing a simple social media audit that looks at what works ...

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