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6 months ago

Ride Hailing Nigerian Style

Funmi Ade · The ride hailing companies like Bolt and Uber are worldwide alternative to taxis. In London I had the conversation with a taxi driver once, about how they (ride hailing companies) had decimated the Black cab business lamenting his earnings have dropped significantly and he still ...

8 months ago

Hell In Paradise

Funmi Ade · A Day Dream                               · As I read some of my past blogs, I come across This Paradise. Against the backdrop and gloom of the COVID19 pandemic, I am reminded of the paradox that is Nigeria. I reflect on pristine beaches, the light of the sun bouncing on gentle w ...

1 year ago

Reclaiming the Black Woman Narrative

Funmi Ade · Last year I protested International Women's Day, because I felt having a day to celebrate women, was somewhat patronising and of little value, in the real battle for equality.  This year I am taking the opposite direction, in the hope of underscoring my point.  With a particular ...

1 year ago

4* Africa (Part 2)

Funmi Ade · In Part 1 I took a comparative look at Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia, from my past travels.  Today I look at Nigeria, Morroco and Egypt.  At first glance one might think, due to the reclassification of Egypt and Morocco, as part of the Middle East - MENA (from George Bush 2 era) th ...

1 year ago

4* Africa (Part 1)

Funmi Ade · Thought I should share some experiences of West Africa, given the bad press · 'Africa' continues to get and the severe ignorance that plagues people, about home of all humanity. · Its outrageous just how ignorant and misconceived life in Africa is perceived. · So as someone with ...

1 year ago

Falling Out of Good Habits

Funmi Ade · No More Resolutions · A New Year, (tomorrow) a new month, a new day, a new moment and no doubt plenty of resolutions to be made and possibly broken, by the end of 2020.  To be honest I don't do New Year resolutions.  They ended years ago.  I, with experience, just found them a wa ...

2 years ago

This Paradise

Funmi Ade · I wake up to the songs of a multitude of birds, see spiraling dragon flies and countless insects fluttering up in the rain, like real life fairies. The garden is a children’s delight of exploration and the view of mist raising over the hilly rainforest, in the cool breeze of dawn ...

2 years ago

UK: "An Egregious Act of Barefaced Theft".

Funmi Ade · I’m referring to this article in the Guardian…can this be true? · Can the British government be attempting to steal the assets of an independent, sovereign nation, to the tune of £9 billion + interest of £1.2million daily and hand said sum to PI &D, an Irish company, with a t ...

2 years ago

Nigeria: A Country Maligned, A People Demeaned.

Funmi Ade · As we approach the New Year a new message for international development professionals ‘HUMILITY’ It is sad the constant barrage of negative reporting by the main stream media, of Nigeria and Nigerians. It is particularly important to address the situation, for the international d ...

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