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1 month ago

How A Sense of Purpose Changes Life

David Amerland · A life without purpose is a life that lacks meaning. And maybe the only real distinction that can be made between life and death is exactly that: meaning. Meaning starts with purpose.  · #PUYB #BlogTour #BookTour #nonfiction  · #PUYB #BookTour #BlogTour #intentional

2 months ago

Find Your Purpose

David Amerland · Two simple things help you decide.  · #intentional #intentionalliving #intentionallife 

2 months ago

Post from David Amerland

David Amerland · A sense of purpose changes our perspective of what we do and completely alters our perception. Perception creates a sense of meaning in both our work and life. Meaningful actions are intentional. They anchor us in our present and make us architects of our future.

3 months ago

Post from David Amerland

David Amerland · "Purpose gives meaning to action in the same way that structure gives meaning to data." Nothing happens without a reason. Every reason has an intent. 

4 years ago

There was life after the sharks

Geoff Hudson-Searle · Freedom After The Sharks was a book that really changed my life. I have always believed that it is your right to speak truthfully in all matters that concern you and to speak from the heart. · It has been an overwhelming experience to receive emails and phone calls from people ac ...

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