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1 year ago


Lisa Vanderburg · Years ago, I used to go once a week to the · Children's Home · In Tampa, Florida. I'd go with a couple others to introduce Christianity to our 8-9 year old charges. At the last stage, I was pleased that I'd actually drawn a map of generations between Christ and now, clouds, angel ...

4 years ago

Flight of bees: a-buzzin’ in the trees

Lisa Vanderburg ·   · In the heart of beBee, three ladies from across a few bodies of water, connect to communicate their viewpoints as a result of a buzz written by a gentleman from yet another spot on this planet. We come together on the most basic level, and to make sense of our similarities ...

5 years ago

The Lazarus-effect of social media

Lisa Vanderburg · I DM'ed my sister on FB (again). Sent her a nice pic of a funky cake for her birthday - her 60th; egad!! We talk a lot on Facebook these days, even though it's more one-sided than I'd like! I see her wonderful kids; one an astrophysicist teaching now at a famous school, and the o ...

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