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1 year ago

The benefits of outsourced marketing for small businesses

Petra Smith · Businesses thrive and grow by focusing on what they do best. Their ability to deliver is what drives customer trust and loyalty, which in return impacts profitability In the digital marketing age, it’s no longer just about who you know, but more importantly it’s about who knows y ...

1 year ago

Adapting your marketing communication during Covid-19

Petra Smith · It’s business as unusual for a majority of businesses, big or small. Brands are having to think and communicate in new ways, and whilst they adapt to the pandemic, they also need to plan for the post-crisis business as usual. But even during challenging times, it is worth asking ...

1 year ago

10 tips for hosting a successful webinar

Petra Smith · Webinars are a great, cost effective way to attract your potential customers through knowledge and experience sharing without any geographic limitations. They are easier to organise than face-to-face events, but still come with a number of challenges. Here are a few tips to make ...

1 year ago

How to conduct a social media audit

Petra Smith · You might be enjoying your time on · Instagram · or · Twitter, but how do you know whether · social media · brings you anything of value or if is it just a ‘nice to have’ addition to your small business marketing? By performing a simple social media audit that looks at what works ...

1 year ago

How to promote your business before launching it

Petra Smith · So you are just about to launch your brand new business with products and services that you can’t wait to show the world. It’s highly likely that you already have a good idea of how you are planning to market your products and business once everything is ready for the big launch. ...

1 year ago

Reflecting on reflections: 2020 vision

Lisa Vanderburg · Why do we do what we do? Naturally, I refer to the publishing of buzzes, or articles, or posts. · Why do we... engage? Do we feel that what we know is of imperative value to others? Do we have a need to be heard? A wont to verbosity? A plea to opine? Or do we simply mean to try a ...

1 year ago

How to stay productive when you are working from home

Petra Smith · Working from home comes with a lot of advantages. You can avoid the rush hour, limit distractions and get more work done.  But it can feel a little isolated at times, which can be particularly difficult when you are facing challenging times. Even though you are not leaving the ho ...

2 years ago

How to get your social media posts noticed

Petra Smith · With the ongoing algorithm changes, getting your social media updates in front of your followers is no longer as straightforward as it used to be. Social media platforms now rely on machine learning based on your past behaviour to create a unique feed for everyone and even if you ...

2 years ago

7 ways to increase your blog traffic

Petra Smith · Businesses who publish regular blogs on their website have on average 97% more links to their website, thanks to backlinks from external and social media sites. Not only does this help to increase website traffic, but, also improves their visibility in the search engine. · It’s ...

3 years ago

The Hour-Glass

Lisa Vanderburg · Youth and love and life-force stirred the sands beneath my feet; · arid, warm, enticing; such a beautiful deceit! · I wondered as I wandered at such amazing grace · and turned my face up to the sun so thankful to embrace. · I was strong and brazen then, convinced that hope could ...

4 years ago

Is human time travel truly possible?

Geoff Hudson-Searle · I recently wrote a blog named ‘The Value of Time’ – the subject has always fascinated me and the more you think about time, without watching movies like ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Dr Who’ you start to think, just maybe time is a metaphor for many other possibilities? · I read an a ...

4 years ago

You CAN see through others eyes

Lisa Vanderburg · Time is not my own. That said, I'm sure if I was to manage it properly, I would have some time! It is laziness or a lost art - bit of both? Actually, it the manifestation of chaos..... :) · Generally I write about medical stuff - badly; in cranky tones. I'm a med-brat, and Parkin ...

5 years ago

The Entrepreneurs Breakthrough Moment

Amanda Ashton-Booth · What does success mean for you? · Do you know how to get there and can you visualise it enough to give you that drive to keep going and never give up? · That moment when everything makes perfect sense... I could go as far as saying I have had that breakthrough that all marketers ...

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