Lead Commercial Manager (BB-B2FD6)

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Job Title: Lead Commercial Manager Location: Projects could be located in Cambridge, London or other parts of the UK The Engineering Services business of ISG delivers our most technically complex engineering led projects. ISG as a whole turned over approximately £2.5bn in construction projects last year of which circa £750m was delivered by the Engineering Services business; the largest contributing sector of the business. We are a privately-owned company with strong financial resilience and a growing order book. We are specifically targeting growth in the Data Centre sector.Job Purpose:Responsible for all financial aspects of the project working closely with the Campus Commercial Director and Project Leaders.You will: Suggest trade contractors, systems and manufacturers for team appraisal.To take a lead role in the valuation process.To actively promote Interior philosophy and culture.Be aware of element costings and costs/ft2.Develop initial project budget and agree detailed cost plan with the Senior Commercial Manager for agreement with the professional team.Advise client on procurement routes available.Prepare and monitor Bid Package Tender Schedule.Advise on product selection, specifications and assist with value engineering exercises.Advise on selection of Works Contractors.Monitor the information flow both to and from Interior plc to ensure that work undertaken by ISG and works contractors is fully authorised at all times.Manage the change process in conjunction with the extended team.Instruct accounts to pay subcontractors and suppliersPrepare ‘rolling' final account throughout project and agree at PCClose out financial account and retention releasesPrepare final account reconciliation (CVR), create regular budget and price updates, update computerised cost control system and prepare the monthly cost and progress report for Interior directors responsibleInternal reporting via billing monitors, MCR's and interim CVR's What skills, experience and qualifications are required/desired for the role? Both CSA & Mechanical & Electrical experienceRecognised qualification in a building related subjectPrevious experience of successfully carrying out the Commercial Management role on a large project, £50 M + and its delivery within the time and budget constraints to a high quality.Preferably previous experience of construction work on existing buildings.Recent experience with tender bid issue, review and analysis procedures, Works Contract preparation, cost reporting and valuation procedures.Good all-round fabric and services package experience How to applyIf you'd like to be part of #TeamISG – to dream smart, speak frankly, always care and never stop learning – the next step is to make your application by following the link below.Build something special { overflow-y: scroll; }Close mapLocationAldgate House - LondonBirminghamCambridge Office Aldgate House, 33 Aldgate High Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3N 1AGSt Paul's Place, 40 St Paul's Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B3 1FQUnit 6, Clifton Court, Clifton Road, Cambridge, UK, CB1 7BNLoading...Open In Google MapsShow NearbyTrain StationsBus StationsGymsCafésfunction setupBlock_JobDescriptionMap_BigVacancyMap() { removeBlockOverlay('JobDescriptionMap_BigVacancyMap'); 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Apply Now Apply Now Country:United Kingdom Location:Aldgate House - London, Birmingham, Cambridge Office Department:ES3 - Engineering Services: Technology Type of Employment:Permanent Posname2323 { overflow-y: scroll; }View other locationsfunction setupBlock_JobDescriptionMap_vacancyMap() { removeBlockOverlay('JobDescriptionMap_vacancyMap');} $(function() { setupBlock_JobDescriptionMap_vacancyMap(); }); Share this page $(function(){ $('#PosDescSharingItems .PosDescSharingItem').click(function(){ var id = $('id'); var url = $('href'); if(typeof id != 'undefined') { if(id == 'email_PosDescSharingItem') { window.location = url; } else if(id == 'google_plusone_share_PosDescSharingItem'){ (url, '', 'menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=600'); }else { (url, 'newwindow', 'width=450, height=310'); } } return false; });}); Vacancy Alerts Create an alert subscription based on this vacancy Create Alert Subscription function setupBlock_posdesc() { removeBlockOverlay('posdesc');} $(function() { setupBlock_posdesc(); });

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