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If there’s one thing you can say for cybercriminals, they rarely miss an opportunity....


Guest-blog: Alina-Georgiana Petcu discusses ‘When Insider Threat Turns Malicious – and How to Stop It from Happening to You’ - Freedom after the sharks

Lockdown introduced new threat vectors for organisations in 2020, as cybercriminals redoubled their efforts to launch damaging cyber-attacks. Now that we are looking towards a post-lockdown future in 2021, it is worth exploring the cybersecurity landscape and assessing what steps we should take to protect ourselves from the pernicious threat of cyber-crime. If there’s one … Continue reading "Guest-blog: Alina-Georgiana Petcu discusses ‘When Insider Threat Turns Malicious – and How to Stop It from Happening to You’"

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1 day ago

Pathway to The Trust Paradigm Book

Geoff Hudson-Searle · The Trust Paradigm Book draws on the hard-won truths of two authors, Geoff Hudson-Searle and Mark Herbert and draws on their deep personal lessons from life and business practice, and their efforts to distill those lessons into principles that lead towards a more purposeful life. ...

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3 years ago · 12 min. reading time

“I want you to understand that the island of Ceylon is for its size the finest island in the world, ...

2 years ago · 2 min. reading time

I recently had a meeting in the City of London with a group of executives – the interesting fact was ...

2 years ago · 4 min. reading time

I had the great fortune to see Hollywood legend Richard Dreyfuss at the Cadogan Hall – Chelsea, Lond ...

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Alex Dion

The Insider’s Guide to Windgoo Electric Bikes 2022

The Insider's Guide to Windgoo Electric Bikes Articles Theme · Windgoo electric bike is available in Gt electric scooters. you can travel at 25kph as it generates maximum watts of power. · · #windgoo ...

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Funmi Ade

Smelling My Underams

The COVID19 pandemic will probably go down as one of most transformational periods of the century, even though we are only 20 years into it. · While much as been made of the effects of the pandemic at the national and international levels, the personal human stories have been ...

1 year ago

Funmi Ade

A Hill, Tao, Jesus and Me

Lockdown Blues Take A Turn · The 2nd lockdown has given me ample time for leisure I would otherwise not have. I have already shared my coping mechanisms for the 1st lockdown, which consisted mainly of learning to while away time aimlessly (for the most part) and experiment wit ...

4 months ago

Gaurav Kumar

#SocialMedia and #cybersecurity Threats

  · Here is what you must know! · And, how you can protect yourself? · #easkme #gauravkumar #cybersecuritythreats #howto #protection #cybersecuritytips · Social Media Cybersecurity Threats: How to Protect Yourself Online? · Cybersecurity is a critical issue that must be addressed ...

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