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The pandemic-imposed slumber is slowly ebbing. We are waking up to a world that is now different however. Join me as I chart some of the inflection points and curate the highlights for you. Have a great weekend.


In The Eye Of My Mind - Issue #15

In a week that has been faster than usual as the world wakes from its pandemic-imposed slumber I found myself thinking about identity, impact systems logic and consciousness. In this eclectic choice of material culled from the week's posts you will find yourself sliding deep into the rabbit hole of what it is that makes you, you. Have a great weekend fellow humans.


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4 months ago

Dominate Brand SERPs

David Amerland · Semantic search did away with the notion of being at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) by putting clear emphasis on context and relevance in reference to every search query. It did not, however, do away with SERPs themselves and every time there is a search query ...

4 months ago
5 months ago

The Future Calls To Us

David Amerland · The future calls to us, but only if certain conditions are met and we can take the actions necessary that will get us there. Follow the link for a more detailed, in-depth explanation: https://bit.ly/3mUpVu6 

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10 months ago · 2 min. reading time

Talk to an author about having a press kit for their book and they begin to hate you. Ask them to su ...

4 years ago · 2 min. reading time

It's been three years and hundreds of interviews and many hundreds of research hours since I began t ...

11 months ago · 1 min. reading time

Changing the world is no one's task, really. Yet it is the task of all of us which makes it the task ...

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4 months ago

Gaurav Kumar

#SocialMedia and #cybersecurity Threats

  · Here is what you must know! · And, how you can protect yourself? · #easkme #gauravkumar #cybersecuritythreats #howto #protection #cybersecuritytips · Social Media Cybersecurity Threats: How to Protect Yourself Online? · Cybersecurity is a critical issue that must be addressed ...

1 year ago

David Amerland

Post from David Amerland

I haven’t been writing a lot this week but I have been reading a heck of a lot. From all that reading I picked five links that will blow your mind. Dive in, enjoy and stay safe.

9 months ago

David Amerland

Post from David Amerland

This week's five-link deep dive reminds us of the power other humans exert on who we are and who we become, why the mind is a myth and how cognitive control is becoming better understood, plus an intelligent look at the link between genetics and intelligence. Stay safe out there ...

9 months ago

David Amerland

Post from David Amerland

The people I associate with and who engage with me continue to shape some of my thinking. In this week's five-links-deep dive Bruce McTague is responsible for almost half of them. Thinkers who make us think should always hold a special place in our world, not least because they f ...

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