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2017 Wined Down

2017 Wined DownAs we approach Christmas & the New Year, I thought a quick rundown of my blogs for the year, with accompanying updates to round off & prepare for 2018 appropriate. To be concise I have chosen my favourites but in no particular order.  Happy Christmas.

Taking Responsibility
This blog, leading from my course on Managing Responsibly included themes on sustainability.  I took my learning personally, by investigating & informing management of my building, on recycling, electricity waste & conservation.  I’m glad to say that after following up; results.  Recycling bags are now provided, though nothing has been done about leaving sockets on, without anything plugged in, nor the inefficient heating problem.  Nevertheless, some action.  Managing Responsibly is not just a work related issue.  Read  -

The Fun of Learning.
In this one I reflected on how learning can be for fun & the courses I took, that were totally unprofessional related.  These included floristry & complementary therapy.  Since this blog, I have extended my fun learning time, to include  further complementary therapy course & subscribed to Mind, Body, Spirit a publication on holistic remedies & as the title suggests, spiritual aspects as well.  I really recommend this, it boosts endorphin (for me anyway) which can only be a good thing for work & stress relief.  Talking about stress relief, De- stressing Your Workplace, was one I wrote in June sometime.  I continue the practice & will share photos of the change I continually make to keep my environment stress – free.  Read -

White Power: A Case Of Racism in International Development
A couple of work related blogs one on racial discrimination, 1 of a 4 part article, in international development, of all places .!!  I promised I would update on any responses from DFID, the government department for UK “aid”.  No response, despite going through my local MP.  Continue to wait but will follow- up more rigorously next year.  Funnily enough, not long after I published this blog, the Prime Minister’s office, published a report highlighting the issue.  All the more sad, they aren’t responding.  Action I say, not words, soon forgotten.  Some of the reactions I’ve got to these articles have been quite a revelation, sadly not positive.  The final part will come beginning of next year.  Read  -

Enterprising Female, Halloween
A short and final blog on my pet project, Enterprising Female, reminding myself & everyone interested, about the concept & principles of behind the events; women’s empowerment.  If you reside in London, or happen you be around, join us in the New Year for a taste of this unique way, of mixing business with pleasure.   Read-
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Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year.

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