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An Elegy for my Master


Ah, you have departed from this world so soon

but then, we accept this was your writ destiny

May the Lord brighten your grave like a shimmering moon

And let there be no pain nor slightest agony.


You were nearer to many with your good behavior

You stood high in reverence with your generosity

To some you were like a brother and savior

You were far better than those who boasted in religiosity. 


In truth, the Almighty Lord knows well your virtues

We remember you although your presence is no more

Let the Lord, at the helm, resolve your issues

and steer your vessels of diverse affairs to the ashore. 


What if untimely malady has grasped your breath

What if your worldly stay was numbered brief

Little is this life with destined ordeals and death

Better is the Hereafter life--and that's our belief. 


ABOUT THE POET: Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a poet, writer and blogger. 

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