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Ask more questions

Ask more questions, and you may be surprised by what you find out. When I was working on the University paper, the editor took me aside on the first day and said, our job is to ask questions. Use the format of the following questions, Ask Who, What, When Where, Why and How. By asking these questions you will find out a lot about the topic.

You might never guess it, but sometimes, people get frustrated with not knowing. A classic case happens at homecoming parties when the guests hear the guest of honour lament, "Gosh, but I had no idea! I never would have guessed! I didn't know I was so wonderful! I didn't know I had such an effect on others! I didn't know I was so responsible for my thoughts, words, and deeds! I just didn't know!"

But it's even worse for them when others reply, "Yes... but you could have. All you had to do is ask the right questions, and listen to the answers. 

Many of us can ask questions, but few of us take the time to hear the answer, because they believe the axiom, never ask a question if you don’t know the answer. That is, in my mind, a false axiom, the reason to ask a question is to find out what is going on not to re-enforce your own preconceived ideas or thoughts.

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John Rylance

5 months ago #4

John Rylance

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Ken Boddie

5 months ago #2

Here’s my poetic advice, Royce ,,, 

Tired of battling through grit and through grime?

Too many questions, not enough time?

Learning curve just seems so damned steep to climb?

Getting yourself in a state?

Here’s my proposal, it’s what I suggest, 

Ask the right persons, the ones who know best,

Keep it quite simple, use words they’ll digest,

Answers will come if you wait. 

Life has no straight lines, it’s all quite a maze, 

Finding your pathway may take several days, 

But ask when you’re lost, there may be other ways, 

Chin up and she’ll be right, mate!

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