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Buying handmade...

Potential customer or not.....wanted my 70 year old pearls for 'nothing' - offered to sell her 68 x 3 loose pearls...unsorted by colour or size and not graduated....easy she would sort and string in no time....today she came to my home and asked if she could return my pearls.....yip your time and attention in producing something desirable is worth actual $ or £ or € - do not sell yourself short!
Buying handmade...BUYING HANDMADE

A customer wanted to purchase a beautiful wire wrap bracelet and spotted
an artist who made some absolutely amazing work,
but she charged a good price too.

The customer thought that the artist's price was way too high so she
approached the artist and in quite a brisk manner stated “| want to buy a
bracelet from you, but | think you charge too much”

The artist was a little taken aback but replied,

“ok, how much do you think | should charge?”

The customer replied “I think you should charge “x” much, because the
wire will cost this much, the clasp this much, and the cabochon this much.
| even factored in the cost of your pliers.”

The final price the customer had calculated was a cheaper than the artist's
original price, but she said “ok, deal. You will get your goods in a week.”
The customer was very pleased with herself and couldn't resist telling her
friends what a fabulous deal she had negotiated, and that in a weeks time
she would have her gorgeous bracelet.

A week later her parcel arrives in a lovely packaged box
She opens it and inside is
wire, a clasp, a cabochon, and two sets of pliers.

Angrily she contacts the artist “how could you do this to me? | asked you
for bracelet and you sent me a box of wire, a clasp, a cabochon and

The artist calmly replies “my dear, you got exactly what you paid for,
if you think there is something missing, then you will need to pay for it.”
Moral of the story,
when you buy handmade you are not just buying the materials, you are
buying the artists time, effort, skills, love and dedication that goes into the
making of their work.


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