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Can you learn from Grandparents and their values

Can you learn from Grandparents and their values


Father’s day came around the list of yearly calendar events recently,  which made me think and reflect about the unconditional love for my grandfather and my grandparents. Coincidently this reflection came at the same time of one of my recent blog posts, creating value from values.

My grandfather  was an incredibly special man. He was from a large family with nine brothers. My grandfather always reminded me that in the early 1900’s life was never easy. He experienced much adversity in life. His family struggled which gave him tenacity and determination to work hard and to achieve a base where his family would not have the same worries, the stress, and from where he could build a solid foundation for the future.

Grandfather George started his working life in industry with Huntley and Palmers. He came to be liked by Lord Palmer and his family in running the UK operations before being sent to Paris to set-up and manage the firm’s first French factory, located near Paris. Grandfather always amused me as a child informing me around the challenges of managing and running a biscuit operation in France that was to educate the French in English biscuits. He always amused me with his stories and wisdom.

My grandfather was the true business man in our family and my grandmother was always about the love of her family. I learned so much from them, their knowledge, love for life and nature and values, which attributes to who I am today. This I am indebted to such beautiful people.

These days, our grandparents seem to be in our lives mostly for special occasions, dinners, fun activities and/or for a great hug. But have you ever really made the effort to know your grandparents? Or ask them about their lives? You may find they have a lot of valuable information to offer… about values and habits that may get your life off to a faster, more focused, more amazing start.

Sure they are disconnected from ‘our’ fast moving technological culture, but do values change like cultures do over time? Ask your grandparents what their opinion is about family, friends, hobbies, fun, work ethic, financial saving, purpose, learning, laughter and all of those other values that ours and their cultures share. You may find that they are not disconnected from you at all. And you may also learn from their successes and their experiences. What a resource to have,  and what a great relationship you may develop from such knowledgeable people who are right in front of you.


Grandparents and their grandchildren, who share a bonding that is so unique and unmatched, is potentially the most valuable life experience a child can have. I talk from experience. The significance that they have is irreplaceable and the love that they give is incomparable. Moreover, apart from being a source of unconditional affection, grandparents pass on to us lessons for life, that they have gained from their long life journey. Those are the things that can be given by none, as their advice and lessons are as exclusive as they are.

Pope Francis recently addressed the participants, reminding them of the preeminence of love. “The life of a family is filled with beautiful moments: rest, meals together, walks in the park or the countryside, visits to grandparents or to a sick person… But if love is missing, joy is missing, nothing is fun. Jesus gives always gives us that love: he is its endless source.” He also exhorted people to learn from the wisdom of grandparents: “[A person or] people that does not listen to grandparents is one that dies! Listen to your grandparents.”

10 important tips from our grandparents that are invaluable to life’s success

  • Unconditional love
  • How to be independent
  • The art of living
  • Grandparents amazing cooking recipes
  • Adversity and tenacity
  • Values, morals and ethics
  • Insights and effective listening
  • Traditional mastery in games
  • Mental stability
  • Skills and knowledge

The wonder of grandparents is that it is never too late to start listening to people who love you. Grandparents Day this year is celebrated on September 13. Celebrate this day with your grandparents, and see and learn from the above important tips. It could be life changing for you!

'Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.' Alex Haley

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Louise Smith

5 years ago #2

Part 1 A lot of my friends, acquaintances & clients who were/are close to their Grandparents have experienced some if not all of the 10 tips mentioned above by you Geoff Hudson-Searle. People who have had/have good relationships with their Grandparents seem to be more sure of themselves and comfortable talking to others, even strangers. They are also often more resilient and good at problem solving. I lived with my Grandparents when I was a child of 6yo. I was the only one out of 23 grandchildren allowed in the back veggie garden with my Grandfather because I followed his lead. I was careful and didn't trample plants or eat the fresh veggies without permission. My Grandmother had a beautiful front flower garden which I loved. She grew gladiolus which were tall and vibrant. She cooked the produce with care for us. She made preserves in Fowler Bottles & jams, pickles & chutneys. We ate that quality food without realising how lucky we were. There was an almond tree in the backyard from which we shelled and ate countless almonds. The neighbours had an apricot tree & they shared the ripe ones with us by the bucket load. I have never tasted a better apricot than theirs to this day.

Louise Smith

5 years ago #1

Part 2 I think I have gardened from the womb because my mother also loves gardening. I remember sweet peas on a trellis & petunias around the Hills Hoist clothes line out the back. My parents & I went blackberry picking every season. I have always helped in the home garden. When I left home I had many pot plants in my room at college. In my first rented unit, I had a small garden of marigolds & tomatoes. I watered them everyday after work. I have continued to garden to this day. I love it. It's great therapy for me, a kind of mindfulness, focusing on the many new delights to be found there everyday. I am grateful to my Grandparents who taught me to garden, relax, enjoy beauty, plan, cope with problems & sometimes failure, patience & perseverance, sharing & hospitality. Through gardening I learnt their values, effortlessly really. In an instant, the smell of tomato plants puts me right back in my Grandparent's garden with those fond memories.

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