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Flight of bees: a-buzzin’ in the trees

Flight of bees: a-buzzin’ in the trees


In the heart of beBee, three ladies from across a few bodies of water, connect to communicate their viewpoints as a result of a buzz written by a gentleman from yet another spot on this planet. We come together on the most basic level, and to make sense of our similarities and differences. Let’s buzz on!



Sara Jacobovici  starts us off:

In his buzz, Dancing Senses, Ali Anani writes: 

Humans are dancing bodies- molecules in their bodies dance. The cells in their bodies dance. The molecules making up the cells dance. The atoms forming the molecules dance. The particles forming the atoms such as electrons dance. Dancing is on all scales. We are fractal dancers.''    Author in Source Title

This brought to my mind the term “cellular memory”. It made me ask, as opposed to what kind of memory? And so, in Wikipedia, I read, “Memory is the faculty of the mind.” It is assumed that the reference here is to a “human mind”. Cells don’t have minds, but they do have memory. I wanted to look at this word, memory, from the perspective of Dr. Ali’s buzz on the “dancing” senses.

Further along in Wikipedia, I find the following:

“Often memory is understood as an informational processing system with explicit and implicit functioning that is made up of a sensory processor, short-term (or working) memory, and long-term memory (Baddely, 2007). The sensory processor allows information from the outside world to be sensed in the form of chemical and physical stimuli and attended to with various levels of focus and intent. Working memory serves as an encoding and retrieval processor. Information in the form of stimuli is encoded in accordance with explicit or implicit functions by the working memory processor. The working memory also retrieves information from previously stored material. Finally, the function of long-term memory is to store data through various categorical models or systems (Baddely, 2007).”



Sounds like this system and the processing which is taking place is based on movement; from the reception of the sensory information to its processing along the sensory system and acting as stimuli, everything is based on movement. Is it accurate to say that if it were not for movement, memory could not take place and in fact, life itself, depends on movement?

I can’t remember a time when anything stopped moving for me. 

Even when I feel “stuck”, that feeling has the potential to get me moving again. 

Maybe it is the memory of moving out of that stuck place that allows me to move when I find myself stuck again.



Joanne Gardocki 

buzzes into the dance:

We are fractal dancers.  As a teacher, memory and movement mean kinesthetic learning, or learning through physical activity rather than just listening. Oh, how dancing touches my soul and while I can dance alone with abandon, I think of dance as something done with a partner even if that partner is the music itself.  The words from a favorite Josh Groban song in waltz time, “So She Dances” come to mind, “The song is her lover.The melody's making her cry. So she dances...

We are not just memory and movement, we are movement in relationship. From Wikipedia, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity is based on two postulates:

1)   The laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion relative to one another (principle of relativity).
Author in Source Title
2)   The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of their relative motion or of the motion of the light source.
Author in Source Title

Relativity is about motion and observation in relationship to something else.

The Hebrew alphabet is more than just letters to preserve and share left brain thoughts.  The letters contain remnants of the ancient form or pictograph, where symbolism and spatial constructs speak more to the right brain.  The alphabet is said to contain the very building blocks of creation.  Movement, memory and relationship are deeply embedded in the symbolism.  

The first letter Aleph represents the All, Oneness and Unity of being that cannot be divided; the source of all things.  

The second letter Beith (rhymes with “mate”) begins duality and literally means house, container or vessel.  The energy allows a giver and receiver.  

The third letter, Ghimel (geeh-mel)represents the relationship and balance between Aleph and Beith. The literal translation is camel, an animal deeply connected to life and travel. The concepts of movement and relationship have been with us since the beginning of time.  We carry the memory and imprint, the dance of duality and unity, with us today.

It feels like when I am not dancing (sometimes like a cat on a hot tin roof), I am driving.  I drive a lot of miles and ponder interesting questions.  It was while driving, that I decided I am connected to all things because I move and travel.  The link to memory, movement, and relationship is made here again.  Everything travels.  Birds and animals migrate.  Insects and bacteria float on the wind.  Air and weather patterns; water cycles; huge desert sandstorms; light from the sun; our Earth in grand cosmic progression; we are all dancing in relationship with each other, the universe, and the Divine.


Think for a moment about driving on a multi-lane highway with other drivers just across a painted line.  We move like a two-dimensional flock of starlings in murmuration.

Here’s a great video link:  Murmuration

If you haven’t guessed by now, I embrace my inner geek with the same abandon as dancing; twirling concepts to feel which ones spin pleasingly together is mental dancing with the universe at large.  When we move, what we are learning makes deeper, more vibrant and varied connections within our brains.  My thanks to you for joining the dance.


Lisa Vanderburg  crashes on the hive:  

May I start with a memory? I told my son when he was about 4 years old to stay away from the pond when an adult wasn’t there. ‘Why?’ the eternal question! ‘ Do you remember our old pond? You fell in and got a goldfish stuck in your ear!’ I said.

It wasn’t until he was around 13 years old that he mentioned that again and was so gobsmacked to find out it wasn’t true! He was offended…’how could you tell me that?’ Yet even now he swears he can feel that fish wriggling in his ear. We laugh; now with a son of his own,  I can see the past repeating itself :)

When I think of movement and memory, it becomes motion. Motion is life and only living things are privy to this asset. Rocks don’t move unless they’re disturbed, yet trees do; not simply as a response to wind, but they grow, shed and re-build as part of their cellular memory. All you have to do is think of Stephen Hawking to see that his incredible mind is in constant and magnificent motion and translated by only the tiniest of motion from his eyes; he can do what very few can - leave his body behind and dance with his mind!


I can’t help but connect Ani Anani's sublime slime in here; pulsating movement. 

When my heart beats I can feel the thuds; a nanosecond later, I can feel the blood surges into my fingers and in the next nanosecond, it reaches my toes. Like the slime trails, my heart pumps to its own unique and complicated beat. 

CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) that protects, cleans and feeds the spinal cord and brain (in the meninges; a three-layered continuous buffer (dura matter) that acts as a cushion for the mushy bits in the middle), has an entirely different rhythm that is (usually) undetectable. So every system of our bodies rely on movement and memory, chaos would ensue should our heart decide to change direction or our CSF not be renewed three times a day! Instead,  like the best dance, it is seamless and fluid and comes as naturally as breathing.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the value of stillness! Hankering for quietness as I often do is because I want / need to feel nature’s beat, the pulse of life itself, the whispering of the trees and all living things, and maybe, the fluttering of angels’ wings!



We invite our readers to share their perspectives. We welcome new questions you would like to see answered from the point of view of each of the three ladies.

3-bee drawing by Pirkko 

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Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #26

Most grateful for the share, dear Gert Scholtz!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #25

That's so lovely Lisa \ud83d\udc1d Gallagher! How vast is our child-in-us to view the world through unfettered imaginings!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #24

lol....I have to get my two brain cells to stop fighting before I can engage them!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #23

Thank you kindly Gert Scholtz for allowing me to join in the dance!

Lisa Gallagher

5 years ago #22

Wonderful post Lisa Vanderburg! This made me do a bit of deep thinking. I remember my mom asking me when I was little if I had butterflies in my tummy? I thought there was a chance I had a few flying around inside there. She did explain what she meant by butterflies when I was old enough to realize, that couldn't be possible.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

5 years ago #21

Lisa, I appreciate posts like your where a lot of effort and mind-stretching are needed for writing, as well as the posts that left us with more questions to ponder about. This buzz requires multiple readings. Thank you for stimulating my little gray cells. :-)

Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez

5 years ago #20

;-)) x 3+1 = Four bees Congratulations

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #19

Lisa Vanderburg This is such a super post to which I can't add anything but to move, dance and hop along in joy and wonder.

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #18

Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding - not the quickest study, me!!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #17

Sara Jacobovici picked up! I salute you, Empresses' of Potential!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #16

Beautiful insight, my dear Debasish Majumder! To me, the silence preceding the wail of a baby is the moment he remembers his Creator; we are mere 'take away' choice' is to now live at all! Most grateful for your WILL be shared, for I cannot speak for my fellow-bees!

Milos Djukic

5 years ago #15

Dear Lisa Vanderburg, thank you. I wish you all the best. Milos

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #14

After my 'what I did on vacation' pieces, this is pure joy - to grasp the 5 eyes of the Bee.

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #13

My dear Milos Djukic - I did you wrong at the very beginning of my flight to Bebee; clearly, this is a like-minded rest-stop and not AT ALL like LI! Forgive me my poor etiquette. I am thrilled for your comment here, and for the soul you are!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #12

Such a love Joanne Gardocki; but you and Sara indulged me! Your wisdom, empathy and discernment is my joy!

Debasish Majumder

5 years ago #11

excellent postLisa Vanderburg! food for thought! i still wonder about few seconds of silence before a baby wails after birth and what the silence signifies or translate in nature! the gravity of silence is still an enigma to me. however, great buzz. enjoyed read and shared madam. thank you very much for the buzz.

Milos Djukic

5 years ago #10

We have great ladies here. Thanks.

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #9

I second that (late to the party as usual) - thanks Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee!! Sara Jacobovici's line, 'I can’t remember a time when anything stopped moving for me'.....can't get that out of my head; it stirs.... And then Joanne Gardocki's line: '....we are all dancing in relationship with each other' is both freeing and containing. Beautiful souls!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #8

So right, lovely Lady Sara Jacobovici. I bow to your very beautiful mind!

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #7

I cannot take the credit - it was Sara Jacobovici's instigation, so we sat on the branch, shoot the breeze and! It's FUN to be a Bee!! In my opinion only, dear Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, I think motion denotes consciousness, movement is more sub-conscious; either way memory is the outcome. Sincerely grateful for your multiple shares!

Ali Anani

5 years ago #6

I am just thinking about the effort and thinking you put in writing this mind-blowing buzz dear Lisa Vanderburg. I am the one honored to be connected with you.

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #5

I am entirely honored to have joined with you magnificent thinkers Sara Jacobovici and hope that our growths-spurts will continue!

Ali Anani

5 years ago #4

Synchronicity again dear Sara Jacobovici- we tagged each other almost the same time.

Ali Anani

5 years ago #3

I am dancing with my mind reading this fantastic post my dear Lisa Vanderburg. Truly, I find myself motionless being mentioned among three great ladies. Yet; my mind is dancing with joy. It is moving in place this time. You wrote "When I think of movement and memory, it becomes motion"- how do you differentiate movement from motion? Or, can we move without memory? Do all memories and movement converge to motion? One thing I am sure of is that the memory of this buzz shall live in me for long times. Thank you Lisa for the honorable mention of my name in your buzz. I look forward to reading the comments of dears Sara Jacobovici with whom I have enjoyed several exchanges of comments. Rarely, I share a buzz in more than one hive. This time I shared this one in three hives and with my followers. Simply the buzz is worthy of this sharing.

Sara Jacobovici

5 years ago #2

Affinity is the key!

Sara Jacobovici

5 years ago #1

I couldn't be prouder or more impressed dear Lisa Vanderburg, you can feel proud to witness the affinity that is growing in the Hive!

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