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Floods, Life, Death and A False Perception

WFloods, Life, Death and A False Perceptionhile much has been made of the floods in USA & because of this, the devastation in the Caribbean from the hurricane, I have heard little of the far greater devastation of the floods across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, where over 1, 000 have lost their lives & 8.5 million affected.  A similar devastation across 5 countries in Africa has seen about 1240 dead, including the mudslide in Sierra Leone. Is it that we've put a premium on life, depending on nationality, race, creed?. It would appear so.

A reminder for those (me also) lost in this world; so money centric, we've forgotten what life is about.  9 months gestation, mother pushes; breath in & out; eat, defecate; sleep, wake; die = maggot food.   The value there is to our lives, is in our ability to form relationships & hold values that make our consciousness meaningful, as we briefly pass through.

While some sort of skewed rationale, in some, may put a greater premium on those dead in USA, it is a false perception. The value of each of us is 1. simply being human, 2. the intrinsic value placed on our life, by those around us, none of which has to do with financial status, nationality or creed.  So, as we remember the losses in USA & Caribbean with sadness; let's not forget the many more mourning in Asia & Africa, along with the losses they've suffered.

It's seems clear environmental factors can no longer be denied, in these extreme weather patterns, we are witnessing.  So, we are not only damaging ourselves but the earth on which we rely to survive, at all.

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Claire L Cardwell

Claire L Cardwell

4 years ago #2

Thanks for this Funmi Ade - it's often been said that 'life is cheap in Africa,' now it seems that it's cheap all over the world.... Every action we take has an impact, whether it's a simple one, like not putting on the heating unless the temperature falls below 0, turning off excess lights and appliances, to a stronger stance on environmental activism every little bit helps. Perhaps if we all pull together then humanity still has a chance....

Alan Culler

Alan Culler

4 years ago #1

Thanks for reminding us of the sanctity of life all over the world, Funmi. Disasters don't happen to the unlucky few, but to the fabric of humanity. The American comedian, George Carlin's take on environmentalism: "Save the planet?!? - the planet will survive- we won't- but the planet will be just fine. " Let's all do what is needed to help those affected by the wind, water, and crumbling earth and start one action to heal what we are doing to our environment.

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