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How to build your brand with storytelling

How to build your brand with storytelling

Every business has a story. It’s their story that makes them unique, whether it’s about their people, customer service or their innovative ways of thinking and working. There might be many businesses out there offering similar products and services, but every business story is different.

Customers buy products and services that make their life easier or better. But with the volume of choice we currently have, customers are likely to turn to brands that they like and trust – and for those who never worked with or bought from the business, these decisions will be based on the impression the brand makes on their potential customers.

What makes a company stand out is ultimately the quality of their products and services, but in order to get customers to buy from them, companies need to stand out and create a brand that customers want to be associated with. The story of your business is your competitive advantage and it’s what creates a compelling brand as it triggers interest with potential customers and strengthens loyalty with existing ones. To define your brand’s story that is simple to understand, yet it can attract and keep your customer’s attention, consider defining the following aspects of your business:

Business strengths

What are the values that your business is built on and know for? Highlight these as one of the key reasons why others should trust your abilities and the quality of the products and services. Define and communicate your strengths without being overly promotional – give your potential customers a reason to have confidence in your brand and let them decide if it is the right match to their needs and wants.

Target audience

A story only works if told at the right time in front of the right audience. Your target audience should be the person for whom your brand is or would be the first choice. Show your audience that you understand the challenges and context of their situation to build trust and tell the right story at the right time, so you can create a connection between the question and challenges of your audience and your story.

Value proposition

Simply put, this is the most compelling reason a consumer chooses your brand. Your unique value proposition is what identifies your business, without it your clients have no reason to chose you over your competitors. A good value proposition is easy to understand and explains how your business is different, and as a general rule, should be clear enough to be read and understood in five seconds.

Reasons to buy

What solutions are you offering to your customers’ problems or how are you improving their life? Whilst you should focus on highlighting the benefits of your products and services, it’s important to avoid self-focus - instead, these should be all about the consumer who will benefit from using them.

Credibility and insight

Showcasing that you understand your audience, industry and the market can have a great impact on how your brand is perceived. If you can tell others about the success and quality of your services and products, either through customer reviews or case studies, do tell. Media coverage is also another powerful way to build your profile as an expert in your field and reach a large audience of potential customers.

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #2

Perhaps it's good to differentiate between brands and shops. The brand cannot be closed since it's a concept, a perception of a company or organization in other people's minds. Although I too find that most stores are closed these days due to the COVID-19 situation, I find that maintaining a strong brand is important for every organization out there. Otherwise, we risk falling into a nihilistic perception that is fruitless, to say the least. Cheers!

Nick Mlatchkov

1 year ago #1

It seems brands are not available for shopping these days ... Simply the stores are closed ...!

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