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‘Manual Attack’ as against ‘Automated Attack’

‘Manual Attack’ as against ‘Automated Attack’




I was recently challenged with this question – “Selection of several images on a matrix of 36 images, for instance, would only give the level of mathematical strength that a long PIN provides. Is it any better than using long PINs?”
Our answer is “We could consider the threats of 'visual-manual attacks on display' and 'automated attacks' separately, say, we should be able to think of the measures to cope with them separately.
A figure of ’20-bit’, for instance, would be just a bad joke against automated attacks, whereas it would make a pretty tall wall against visual-manual attacks on display, particularly when the positions of images are shuffled on each trial.
Try the image-to-code conversion at our new website and you will see what kind of mathematical strength your image memory can generate/regenerate against automated attacks - https://www.mnemonicidentitysolutions.com/

Many more questions are answered in “Questions and Answers - Expanded Password System and Related Issues”

“Expanded Password System

wane = Only I can select all of
BS] them correctly

Broader choices with both images and characters accepted






Easy to manage relenons between accounts and corresponding passwords.


Torturous login is history. Login is now comfortable, relaxing and healing


Key References 

Account Recovery with Expanded Password System

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What We Know for Certain about Authentication Factors

Digital Identity for Global Citizens

Image-to-Code Conversion by Expanded Password System

Summary and Brief History - Expanded Password System

Proposition on How to Build Sustainable Digital Identity Platform





It's a no

Additional References

Removal of Passwords and Its Security Effect
Negative Security Effect of Biometrics Deployed in Cyberspace

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 History, Current Status and Future Scenarios of Expanded Password System

Availability-First Approach

Update: Questions and Answers - Expanded Password System and Related Issues 

Secret Credenti



Episodic Memory


 < Videos on YouTube>

Slide: Outline of Expanded Password System (3minutes 2seconds)

Digital Identity for Global Citizens (10minutes - narrated)

Demo: Simplified Operation on Smartphone for consumers (1m41s)

Demo: High-Security Operation on PC for managers (4m28s)

Demo: Simple capture and registration of pictures by users (1m26s)

Slide: Biometrics in Cyber Space - "below-one" factor authentication


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And if those images are used to stegsnographically conceal relevant information, this whole protoco  can be part of a powerful cryptosystem. Just a thought…

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