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Signs Your Company Needs A Better Finance Solution

Signs Your Company Needs A Better Finance Solution

Signs Your Company Needs A Better Finance Solution



Accountagility provides a suite of  that speed up finance process, providing more time for analysis &decision making.

1. You Are Always Burning The Midnight Oil

"70% of CFO's might want to accomplish additional arranging cycles a year, however such a large number of accounting pages (56%), the volume of information (51%) and work force (49%) forestall it" 

Accountagility Survey of 200 CFOs 

What Is Keeping You Up At Night? 

  • Absence of trust in your numbers
  • Finding and fixing blunders takes excessively long
  • Social event and combining information
  • Staying aware of the changing requests 

With truly expanding requests, more consistence and guideline and more tight timescales, the pressing factor is on at Finance divisions all over the place. Responsibilities are expanding, individuals are working longer hours, and surprisingly come in at ends of the week. To get months or quarters shut, occasions are dropped and eating at work area is a typical practice. Money the executives is being approached to accomplish more, like constant determining, however there is no data transfer capacity or extra time. 

2. You Are Seeing Too Many Errors 

"Eight out of 10 CFOs have had at least one occurrences or issues with month-end revealing or arranging utilizing bookkeeping pages" 

Accountagility Survey of 200 CFOs 

How To Avoid Errors? 

  • Trap awful information at source
  • Robotize compromises and checks
  • Use devices with 'de-messing with' highlights to spot blunders
  • Construct trust in your numbers

An autonomous overview appointed by Accountagility uncovers that "eight out of ten CFOs have had at least one episodes or deficiencies with month-end revealing or arranging utilizing bookkeeping pages. Dominate is constantly at the core of such blunders. It can only with significant effort test for and trap mistakes in approaching information; we as a whole know the expression "Trash In, Rubbish Out". Besides, it has no 'de-messing with' include, so it requires long and torment marking exertion to distinguish blunders, let alone to fix them. Each blunder distinguished has thump on impacts, so soon the entire money group is being affected and kept down. 

3.You Have A Love/disdain Relationship With Spreadsheets 

"72.5% of the CFO's are worried by their dependence on accounting pages" 

Accountagility Survey of 200 CFOs 

  • Bookkeeping pages – Are They Like Marmite?
  • Bookkeeping pages are not difficult to make however hard to share
  • They are valuable however complex to oversee
  • With numerous clients, it very well may be difficult to stay away from rendition control issues

Accounting pages resemble "Marmite"; we either love them or disdain them. At some point both simultaneously! On the off chance that your Finance measures are extremely dependent on them, you may encounter a progression of issues, which thus acquaints genuine dangers with your association. Sharing information across the division is a test, as there is no evident multi-client access. With various clients and variants, the undertaking of overseeing and planning bookkeeping pages can become burdensome and tedious. 

4. You Don't Have A Full Audit Trail 

"46% said "Review trail arrangement" was a main three need with regards to arrangements" 


Accountagility Survey of 200 CFOs 

  • Why Is This Important?
  • To follow changes adequately
  • To execute straightforward monetary controls
  • To keep reviewers educated and fulfilled


To acquire validity and win the board's certainty 

With bookkeeping pages, you can't tell who in the Finance group has made changes to formulae or information. Nor would you be able to tell when changes were made, except if you difficultly look at variants over the long haul. What's more terrible, you can't perceive any reason why key alterations were done, who else was associated with the changes. Where such bookkeeping pages are a piece of a formal or administrative monetary interaction, there can be terrible results. Both inside and outer evaluators might be posing inquiries. They will need to perceive how choices are made, and what controls and cycles are set up. Money arrangements with an extensive review capacity can eliminate these challenges and let loose significant administration time. 

The demands on Group Finance Consolidation teams’ increases considerably as businesses grow to have global presence. Complex structures, multiple geographies with different regulatory requirements and numerous currencies all contribute to the challenges of providing a holistic view of the business. Whilst Group Finance plays a crucial role in every corporate or multi-national organisation, financial consolidation software packages, aimed at reducing the workload or offer efficiencies, are few and far between.

ORYX Consolidation supports your financial processes by creating efficiencies and reduces costs with automations and labour-saving features.


5. Your Reports Are Not Dynamic

"My group is investing such a lot of energy in getting the numbers right that there is no extra an ideal opportunity to investigate and think" 


For what reason Can't You Generate Real-time Data? 

  • Accounting pages take too long to even consider running complex calculations
  • Your framework can't process 'consider the possibility that' situations
  • Your bookkeeping framework doesn't give you what you need
  • The business is on your back and you can't coordinate with their assumptions 

In the event that your association depends on bookkeeping pages for key cycles in its Finance work, it's anything but a Herculean assignment to give the business its always expanding requests for moment results and reports. Information installed in inconvenient exercise manuals is difficult to separate, so constant announcing is absurd. Some of the time simply getting unpredictable accounting pages to play out an update or a re-figure consumes a large chunk of the day. Furthermore, that is before you have had the option to make reports or dashboards. For some money divisions, the announcing capacity in the bookkeeping framework isn't capable all things considered. With the fundamentals taking such a long time, demands for consider the possibility that situations or elective models go to back of the line. The division's standing inside the association is decaying, however sheer exertion alone can't cure the circumstance. 

  • I Recognize The Signs – What Next?
  • Investigator Advice: Find A Solution That
  • Allows accounting pages to keep on doing what they're acceptable at
  • Disposes of the dangers and limitations of Excel
  • Is coordinated and empowers full start to finish computerization of key money arranging exercises
  • Offers full drill-to-source capacity and detectability
  • Gives investigation and editorial to assist you with understanding your numbers
  • Can think about situations and information at any level and conveys moment reports


There is no rejecting that what is required is an answer that holds the dexterity and adaptability that have made accounting pages so well known, yet additionally empowers Finance to control the information and cycles, including approval and combination. The ORYX suite from Accountagility eliminates the obstructions, tackles the dissatisfactions and opens an amazing asset for the business.


Harish an graduate and been into a technical content contribution for Accountagility for the past one year.  I am  passionate about learning new things about the technological advancements that help for a better living.


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