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Sorry but I Know Why I am Black

Sorry but I Know Why I am BlackI shouldn't really be apologizing for the state of my skin, nor chanting at the top of my voice I'm Black I'm Proud.  I simply am what I am.  Born into this world that has existed long before me and will continue long after me, Black.  The process by which I came about this colour, is of dispute.  Those that believe in God say I was created this way, those that believe in evolution, that a process of natural selection made me this way.  Either way it was not of my doing, any more than any one else of colour, or without.  So I wonder why some of no colour, deem it fit to malign, denigrate and claim a superiority over me, based on an entirely natural process of millions of years, in which they have no hand.

No, As I Keep Saying, Ignorance Is Not Bliss
For these people there is something inherently wrong with being Black.  Why?  It is a naturally occurring colour, like any other colour, yellow, brown, mixed, purple, green, blue.  In fact, it is the wealthiest colour of all, created from the absorption of all colours.  Yes, this is how black is made -  the absorption of all colours.  How beautiful.  Not only that, it holds so much depth in this variety, it calls you to unravel a mystery.  Without the fertile, rich black soil, from which we get our food, we couldn't sustain ourselves!

My blog today, has come as a consequences of 2 incidences I experienced.  The first, was with someone, from whom I expected better, being a lecturer at a university.  The 2nd at a well known High Street chemist, in London.   I was speaking to the former, when my exposed arm brushed against hers (entirely by accident). She dusted her arm vigorously, as if something dirty had touched her skin, clearly with the intent to offend.  I was quietly amused, as I looked at her arm.  An aneamic cheddar, with goose pimples, speckled pink and red, patches of the same and criss- cross of blue veins.  The latter (at the Chemist) an assistant from Eastern Europe, clearly held ignorant beliefs, as to why my skin was black, telling me rudely, it was because the sun, when I mentioned I did not need sunscreen.

I Know Something You Don't
So, what do I know about my skin, that makes me indifferent to attitudes like the these.  Well first, it is the best type of skin you can possibly have.  Pigments under the first layer of the skin, absorb the dangerous, damaging, cancer inducing, possibly death resulting UVA and UVB rays of our sun, our life giving star.  It means I can walk or stay in the sun as much as I want, without any danger or sunscreen, since the pigments act as an effective barrier, naturally.  I do darken but its not because of burning, rather because the pigments proliferate, to give super protection.  In other words, it is an advanced skin system, skin without colour or 'white' lacks.  Those of light colour, get varying amount of limited to full protection, for example those from Asia.

Why?  A Mystery.
Knowing this, why would calling me Black  be an insult?  No one knows why Africans that left the continent turned 'white' gradually some 20, 000 years ago but theories around ice age, caves and the need for vitamin D, have proven baseless.  Recent research shows skin that lack these vital pigments, cannot stay in the sun long enough to absorb vitamin D, before they begin to suffer burning.  So, in a way its an inexplicable mutation, since it doesn't advance the theories of natural selection, nor the religious teaching of humans being created from the dust/mud/earth.

Like all things in nature, dark skin has its problems. For some, it may overact in certain traumatic cases and cause keloids, dark spots and scarring last longer, if a person is prone to hyper pigmentation but these are not dangerous and mostly aesthetics.

So, overall I think I'm grateful for my skin. I'm not offended and those that sadly are and have bought into this nonsense BLACK is derogatory, should understand this, along with ignoramus 'whites'.

If I use sunscreen, its to prevent my natural skin system kicking in, so my tone is even but its never to prevent my skin getting damaged, from doing ordinary, everyday things.  Lastly, because my skin doesn't age, a metaphor for the damage (requiring botox etc) just from living, even in cold climes, I won't wrinkle, for as long as I take minimal care of my skin.  Hence, Blacks don't crack idiom.

If this blog is offensive, this is not the intention.  It  is to inform and educate, so the next time people that are so inclined, don't make the mistake of calling me Black with disgust, as if there is something inherently wrong.  Sorry but I know why I am Black.  Thank God

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Funmi Ade

1 year ago #2

That's true but the focus in racist commentary is heavily slanted towards skin tone (especially blackness), or lack thereof. For example I'm actually naturally brown but classified as Black, the colour of many South Asians. For clarity Will Smithl - Wesley Snipes both are Black men but hugely different in skin tone, features paly a part in this determination. If not the science - the perception..

Funmi Ade

1 year ago #1

Thanks Stephanie. Ultimately my hope is that it helps assuage the ignorance.

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