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The 'China' Virus, Trump and Africa

The 'China' Virus, Trump and Africa

When I  heard Trump call COVID19,  Chinese, followed by Pompeo calling it the Wuhan virus, I was aghast .  This is highly irresponsible and unbecoming of those occupying such high office of State.  When the Danish did the same via a cartoon, I wasn't amused. Wait till a virus emanates from USA or the West, given the propensity to new viruses, due to modern living and  increased animal to human transmission of viruses ....HIV, SARS, Bird Flu.

Apparently, Trump was reacting to social media commentary emanating from China, that an  American serviceman brought the disease to the country.  This is a time for united action not finger pointing, I stated at the time.  This was followed soon after by finger pointing not China this time but WHO (World health Organization), by Trump, clearly irresponsibility is better in some quarters!

A New Normal
So like so many I settled to watching the news dominated by COVID19, determined not to feel under siege.  More are recovering than dying by far, as I quickly switch off, lets have more coverage on this.  However, my underwhelmed reaction to the current situation, was quickly shattered when I learnt that Chinese authorities are mistreating Africans in their country.   Blaming them for spreading the virus, which is indisputably of indigenous Chinese origin.  My shock quickly turned to anger when I saw a copy of a cartoon in a Chinese newspaper of an African first by dustbins, then thrown inside a bin as dirt, rubbish.

Racism From Any Quarter Is Odious
People from right across the continent have been forcibly evicted, forcibly isolated, by local governments, and are experiencing heightened physical and verbal abuse.  There are viral videos of Africans being denied entry in shopping malls, even after they've been cleared as negative.  A Nigerian Embassy official in a confrontation with Chinese officials, whom had illegally seized Nigerian  passports, was among the viral videos I've watched.

Immediately my opinion shifted, so he Chinese are trying to change the narrative of the Chinese virus.  Its now Africans that are to be abused and terrorized, for a virus for which the Chinese are fully responsible.  A virus that due to their lies and initial ineptitude, has now claimed hundred of thousands of lives, including on the African continent, where frail health systems makes it particularly vulnerable.  Not to talk of the enforced 'stay - home' of people and disruption to economies round the world.

Givers of All Life.
It appears the initial profiling of the Chinese as virus, death carriers, is to repackaged as  'African'.  At least before the problem mushroomed in Africa, the initial resentment was directed at those from high infection countries, not just the Chinese (not OK).  The Chinese show how a catastrophe can bring out the worst in us.  Or the best. No need to remind anyone of front line workers dying, or Cuba sending doctors to Italy, to help contain the pandemic.

Sadly, my previous blog on Africa stereotypes and the virus, is proving correct.   So just as a reminder to the Chinese and their virus, Africans are the givers of life, not disease and death.  Life as we know it is all due to Africa and Africans.  Remember that and try and keep your virus, your diatribe and violence to yourselves in future.  There can be no polite, or civil reaction, to this calculated act of nastiness.


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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #3

Perhaps I didn't understand it as there is a lot going on. Thank you for clarifying!

Funmi Ade

1 year ago #2

Perhaps I wasn't clear. The Chinese government have undertaken this line of action, not an individual or individuals. An individual attitude could not be reasonably considered a Chinese (the nation) attitude.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #1

I doubt this insensitive behavior is the fault of a single politician, American or otherwise. Calling the virus Chinese is childish at best since only a child (particularly a very young one) would have such a level of ignorance. Calling the virus African is worse since not even an infant would be so naive. No, if someone calls this an African problem there are only a couple explanations: either that person is incredibly malicious or he has an agenda. Of course, it could be both of these explanations in tandem. Cheers!

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