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'The Fraud Squad number' doesn't exist...UPDATE (bottom)

'The Fraud Squad number' doesn't exist...UPDATE (bottom)PRT


27.07.1963 %m





N837346<<2PRT9206120M200821713783840<<<<<<<<<<<ddSee this guy? He was here on Bebee. No big thing...all SM (professional or otherwise) is rife with it. He asked for my email because 'he knew a relative'; a new one to me...a name! I was immediately wary, but I gave it out nonetheless. And he's blissfully unaware of what I'm saying - he left. Gone. Off to the next site, I expect. He contacted me - drawn to my name (apparently); from which he wove his rather asinine story of his high position in a known bank in Dubai, where a 'relative of mine' has passed away....sums mentioned of $14,500,000.00 which he wants to 'split' with me...what a sweetie!

I have a tendency to string those nair-do-wells along a bit. Does that makes me a tease? - hardy at my age! Bad girl, but I won't lie...I'll be sweet, but never stupid. I'll be polite, but aloof. Why do these sorts (rarely though women; tend to be less bold, but more ruthless) get my goat? Because of the sheer misery they bring and ...I'm not a herbivore:)  When I worked in Palliative care, there were some God-awful tales and we've all heard them. I may be better fodder in another fifteen years....?

This time, I decided to ACT!  At email 3 from him, when he sent these photos:









Meo Lia Vendertusg, you are chatting with Shannon, thanks for Contacting us, how an | asst you? (Pearse 60 01
revel peronal data dur the web chat)

166d to make you aware that | 950 coves lve cyber cal. In the event of a cyber cal being received, | may need to
terminate your chat. Sorry for amy convenience. You Cae reopen a Chat at aay time.

1 Shannon 1 350s £0 yOu earlier. | am trying 10 report an ATTEMPTED crime, 9a not abit 1 tek rebevant boxes) A
Matthew Mondnrson clare to woh for Barcieys, Dutt & Pars contacted me with 3 seme 10 40i 3 Geceased chert
(Steven Vanderteg)

Pasa sect Tome of the above”.

: On what... what om 1 reporting: Cybercr me, theft, . arm try ng attempted, Bit 1% asking far ampusnts recived of

ven - none of these apg. [ve kept Hm going 1: Case he was 17partant fo you

: mon Fraud Report & there's none of the above’

he & correct.

What 57 You're telephone umber 0330 307 0800 goes nowhere ether. Me wants to 1git a §14,500,000.00 account,
200 1 C30 nd out how to report Pim,
Please select Tone of the above”.

: Ohay. you hearty 30nY want to kndw ETRY, 35 YO'E FERILG YOWSET then Gemying the option 6 there. | gather

YOu Gn wank me: £3 report this ther?
On the report you Should select none of the above as the fraud type.

1d 60 that and Rave 20vanced, row | 3m 01 3 POGE that has NO biton

Which page © thes?

1t83ys Traud Report Form ang I' at the MOREY sectior

The contin button wll be on the bottom fof.

Pye only got there by teking YES 10 the Question. D0 yGu have any 3etall how the money was sent. | ticked YES, but
£0 moriry has exCnGes hands - thats what [mtrying to prevent

The next question totaly cut of my coatext

Pt 2 Uw dy # he 5 0 acy ITDOTANCE IC YOu, 8 THerD 10mewhere cr Someone | can send the entire ermal
exchanges to? Tm aot GECHing hm yet - SL adn 10 Fab Arm
We advise keeping the ems safe a they muy be needed during Ivestgation.

No problem.

Take Care. Thank you for using the Action Fran chat service.
Shanon has left th session!

The session has ended!

I replied;  

Many thanks for the info, Matthew! However, I need 'proof of life' for Steven Vanderburg..even his death certificate would work! I need to know from what lineage he came in order to corroborate his death, and if there are other Vanderburg survivors.  Thanks again!

It wasn't the first time I'd asked, but he made the critical mistake of sending me his deets in the form of pics above. There was a veiled threat in 'confidentiality', but he hasn't even asked if that's my née  name or my married...silly boy!
But, what was so utterly exasperating was me trying to report him. This was after the first online chat with the fraud-squad, followed by several attempts to meet the criteria for 'reporting' it.

 She left as I was asking her if they should be reported as a potentially 'false' site. Oh joy! 
Let's see if Matt, Matthew, whatever,  gets back in touch. And; so much for the devil you I cruel?
Okay today 24th April, I have finally managed to report this to ActionFraud, who have given me a reference number. I've also reported it to Barclays.
I had left it with 'Hi Matthew, I'm stopping this now. I suggest you get out of...wherever you are. 

And he had come back with:
'... I will not tolerate any direct or indirect insults from you for any reason whatsoever, I have my dignity to live up to'. (Ha!)

Lessons learned:
1. I was initially curious because he said he knew a Vanderburg.
2. I knew it was a scam from the get-go; his first email.
3. He might not be who he says he is,  but I was concerned he may be committing embezzlement of someone else's assets.
4. Don't play with my food.
5. I'm bored....don't play with my food. Sorry.

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Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador

terrible, good that you warn other bees for such practices thank you Lisa Vanderburg

Lisa Vanderburg

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #7

Thanks for your concern Pedro! I did notice he was Portuguese and his middle name Julio - it accounts for his grammatical errors in his emails (just received another one). Honestly, I thought he should be reported for attempting to embezzle someone - the Bank, presumably. I have followed Dean Owen's advise and tried to contact Barclays Fraud division, only to end up back at the same 'Action Fraud' site the Shannon came from. I am grateful for all your help, and I'm stuck as I don't know what to do with this information. He has received absolutely no info about me or mine at least!

Pedro 🐝 Casanova

Pedro 🐝 Casanova

4 years ago #6

And Dear Lisa. You didnt see some strange in a man claiming to have a " PORTUGUSESA " nationality ( It s PORTUGUESA ) And a english last name?. Thats the Nigerian Letter 5.1 version. Don´t waste time...that guy doesn´t exist. Besides in most European jurisdictions stealing ( in any way ) less than 300 euros ( and that s the amount they usually request ) 300 € is not a crime. It s a fault...and the most they get it a slap in the wrist...

Lisa Vanderburg

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #5

#3 Thanks Dean...I had asked for proof of his employment at Barclays (he didn't provide it), but it hadn't occurred to me to contact them direct; I'll do that! Lisa \ud83d\udc1d Gallagher :) I know.

Lisa Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #4

I've been approached numerous times with fraud like this. You do have a lil devil in you Lisa Vanderburg LOL! Shannon appeared to be a bot for the Fraud reporting service.

Dean Owen

Dean Owen

4 years ago #3

There is a Matthew Henderson working at Barclays Capital Dubai as a branch accountant. Obviously skeptical of Nigerian Prince scams, but this sounds like a real financial crime.

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

4 years ago #2

Meeting the criteria to report it. That is a very long drawn conversation. Great that you brought this to light.

Dean Owen

Dean Owen

4 years ago #1

I am surprised that he sent you a UAE drivers license and Portuguese passport copy. Have you thought about contacting the Financial Crimes Prevention department at Barclays?

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