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Think Pooh could have added 'sometimes'

Think Pooh could have added 'sometimes'Piglet: "Pooh? Pooh: "Yes
Piglet: ‘I've been thinking...” ¢
Pooh: “That's avery good habit to,
get into to, Piglet.”Some time ago someone asked 'what book are you currently reading'.  At that time I  was reading The Just City but have since moved onto 'Apartheid - Britain's Bastard Child' and as a result have ordered some books about Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner, 1824-1955 from Amazon to complement my reading. 

I read 'The Mind of South Africa' - Alister Sparks - this book made me very angry and made me feel a lesser person than I know I am.

No I am not totally anal about my heritage but am very interested in how war affects people. I was married to someone who had been in the forces and had a family member who held rank of note.

Mostly I create questions I am not able to answer.

To add to this I have just finished reading a post that alone puts a question on my parenting (or lack of)skills...what do we as parents saddle our children with...we carry our parents influence and before we are capable of managing that we produce children of our own....could I have helped my child to live a life that did not take on board the baggage I was carrying and given him the tools/the right kind of love that could have  prevented the horrendous medical problems he has.  Just a question...reading too much compounds one's guilt at not getting it quite right and you find you come to a complete stop.

So leaving that there I move on to beliefs in particular religions and mind over matter etc etc and a church that my father believed was the 'holy grail' for the sick and dying.

Yikes - for ordinary people like myself it seems that you just have to do your best with what you have - love as much as you are able, provide as much as you are able, accept that the horrors one human does to another has generational consequences and try to influence a future that is more considerate and loving than the one you are currently in. I of course would love a world where we could all have a mentor to guide us to be our best selves but this is not going to happen.

If this makes no sense - paint a picture.

The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do? Pablo Picasso

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