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Time to Racially Profile Whites. Part 1

Time to Racially Profile Whites. Part 1

These are troubling times.  Perhaps its the leap Year!  First the COVID19 pandemic in all its disruptive ravages, accompanied with the sorrow of loss or relief of recovery.  Then all the attendant social norms, lock- down and its associate problems.  As if not enough and knocking the pandemic off the social discourse round the world, the cold- blooded, torturous, gruesome murder of George Floyd, disturbing enough to give me nightmares, comparable only  to the public lynching of Moamar Qaddafi thanks to the NATO, in order to control Libya's oil. Showing, despite a claim to advancement, many human beings remain the brutish apes, they claim to have been civilized out of.  The nationwide protests which reverberated around the world, as a consequence and a sense of turmoil arising, not only for equality but as I believe, frustration at a world that isn't working for so many.

Overhanging; the backdrop, a sense of Armageddon.  Swarms of locusts stemming from the Gulf investing first The Horn of Africa then moving to the sub continent of India.  Multiple millions of insects feeding on crops like a plague, darkening the skies.  The warnings of starvation, as a consequence, with the devastation linked to environmental degradation, giving me a sense of foreboding, simply from watching on television.  Border disputes India/ Pakistan; India/ China, renewed tensions between North and South Korea.  The prophesied doom and uncertainty resulting from job losses and the personal economic despair arising.  I am reminded of The Book of Revelation and the plagues poured out on earth, in the spiritual realms for mankind's' (womankind's, for feminists) escalating sin.  For the others, the natural result of not aspiring to our higher selves, not wanting to do better, not caring, overwhelmed by insatiable desire for personal consumption.  Which by the way,  despite the captains of consumption telling us the contrary, is not making us happier.

Its been a time of reflection.  George Floyd's death highlighted the absolute mean- spirited nature of some people and the horror of the USA's Police State - despite an ironic desire to claim, to be the repository of all justice and freedom.  Police brutality of the scale witnessed in old footage of violent physical abuse, in the 60s when African American civil rights protests, were at their peak.  Shamefully, glaringly repeating itself 60 years later.  Will things change now?  I doubt it.  Some people need not  so much a heart transplant as a soul transplant.  George Floyd's murder highlighted similar murders, the cruel nature of  European- Americans whom use 'law enforcement officers' as a lynch mob against innocent African- Americans, simply living.  That's why I prefer the title  campaign ' Living While Black' to 'Black Lives Matter'.  Thanks to social media, there are now countless recording of cold blooded murders of African- Americans.  One of the most heartbreaking of an entirely innocent 23 year old heading home, who died because someone called to say he looked suspicious.  The life of a Black person is really that cheap in USA. As is typical, no reprimand for the sadistic, psychopaths that took a God - given life.  Is there  a hell?  I hope so!

Though in UK we are fortunate enough that Police do not carry weapons I, a middle aged, professional Black woman have had a taste of abuse at the hands of officers of 'the law'.  Unmitigated loathing is rampant in UK too.  Hate filled individuals whom deny jobs to better qualified, more able.  Judges handing down longer sentences based on race and as we have seen from COVID 19, the minority population almost 2ce as likely to die, due to social inequalities.  That is not to say the NHS (the UK health system) is free of hate either, no. Patients and  health workers alike, are treated with disdain by their indigenous colleagues.  Taught ignorance in the education (more indoctrination) system helps to fuel racial contempt, at national level, through a lopsided focus on Western attainment, at the exclusion of human attainment.  It runs deep and from all the statistics, things won't change, for as long as there is an advantage to this malice. Take the albinoid or White wealthy Northern hemisphere compared to the dark, poor Southern.  Right now it pays.  There is a purpose to it ......superiority complex, right and material gain - all provide a sense of entitlement. to which others must be denied, to sustain.

All in all I wonder about this corner of the universe I currently inhabit.  Will we be the first specie to self destruct?  I think yes.  There is only so much world resource, only so much space for ego (I refer particularly to the West) only so much space to dominate, only another Trump away from The Button.  Whatever it is in human nature that spurs indigenous Westerners, into this relentless obsessive insecurity and paranoia, driven by a desire to what they believe, to be the top of the food chain,  will bring us to the brink.  Only if they (I speak of those that are so inclined, especially those in positions of authority) understand the truth- that life on earth is merely a short passage through, attendant with vicissitudes that are rarely controllable, will it not be inevitable.  If anyone needs examples, think, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, for starters.  Only if they can accept that life as we know it, is a consequence of a complicated process, in which they have had no hand, might they  have a change of attitude. Only then might they understand that they are merely flesh and blood like everyone else and that the superiority lies in reaching for higher consciousness, not in delusions of grandeur stimulated from narcissistic tendencies and baseless, menial self- promotion, can we have hope.    Part 2.  Dealing With the White Psyche.

Please note I am making generalisations, based on frequency and patterns of behaviour from experience and reports.

#whitesupremacy #blacklivesmatter #livingwhileblack #georgefloyd #racism #COVID19


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